7 Days Yoga, Fitness, and Detox Retreat in Krabi, Thailand

7 Days Yoga, Fitness, and Detox Retreat in Krabi, Thailand

  • Get Juiced for Life, 360/11 Soi Ao Nang 1, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Detox and Yoga Retreat Thailand

This retreat is the only one of its kind in Krabi, Thailand. You are going to have an incredibly good time as you experience fitness and Thai culture. Using nature as your playground, you will experience work out sessions at the beach as the sun rises for the day. All of the foods and amazing juices are prepared for you fresh everyday. This is your time to discover your health from the inside out, come and join in the life-changing fun!


  • 3-day juice cleanse
  • Daily fitness program and life coaching
  • Tai chi, yoga, and strength and stretch sessions
  • Locally grown delicious meals and fresh juices
  • Certification of participation upon completion
  • Relaxing Thai massage treatments
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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During this retreat, you will be staying at an exotic bungalow. Your exotic single occupancy bungalow boasts an outdoor pool with garden and mountain views. You will have access to free Wi-Fi in all areas and free public parking is available on site. The rooms are air conditioned and come with a flat screen television. You will find a seating area either in the room or on the private balcony.

There is a lovely outdoor dining area where you can relax near the pool and enjoy the mountain view. Toiletries are provided along with fresh linen daily. The staff is friendly and will not disturb you. They will allow you to take this time for yourself, and yet, remain available to serve your accommodation needs.

This course will take you on a journey to educate you towards understanding who you are, what you are made of, and what it takes to keep the "total you" alive, strong, and living life abundantly. You will focus on seven areas of health, consisting of air, water, diet, exercise, rest, sunlight, and relationships. You will focus on the whole you, your mind, body, and spirit. This course will change your life and how you care for you.

During this retreat, you will also be able to receive massages at the beach that will help you to restore and rejuvenate, as you build your own body. On that note, you will not just focus on food and fitness. Get Juiced for Life will provide life coaching and education into the whole of who you are, your spirit, mind, and body. Rest and sleep will come easy as you end the day in your own private bungalow tucked away in the quiet and peaceful community.

This program is suited to take you no matter what fitness level you are at. Please do not feel as if you have to be in shape to get in shape. Many of Get Juiced for Life's guests are first timers to the overall health and well-being. No matter where you are in your station of life, there is surely a place for you at Get Juiced for Life.

Fit 4 Life

No matter what level of fitness you are at, you will be equipped with various exercises focused on cardio vascular, stretch and strengthening, calisthenics, resistance, and endurance training. You will learn how to increase physical activity and variety through Muay Thai, yoga, Zumba dance, boot camp beach workouts, and more. You will be facilitated and educated through each workout and drill experience. This will be so much fun!

Juice 4 Life

Experience freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juice blends, absolutely delicious and providing your body everything needed for detoxification and nutrient intake. This will really keep you “juiced for life”!

Tai chi and yoga

Yoga and tai chi will provide you meditation in motion, they strengthen and relax your mind, body, and spirit through slow movements, and increase oxygen through breathing techniques.

Know your health

Knowledge is freeing, and during the course of your stay, you will participate in instructional classes on nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and overall health. You will enjoy the experience of eating living raw foods, juice fasting, exercise, and detoxification or rejuvenation.

Real and raw

You will learn to prepare and eat fresh living raw meals, this is edible art at its finest.

Intro to health

You will discover who you are in order to care for what you are. How to care for the overall you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is a great kick start or another re-boot towards your health and fitness.

Certificate ceremony

You will receive a well-earned certificate of participation, as Get Juiced for Life acknowledges you in being equipped to catapult you towards health and a balanced lifestyle.


There will be a one hour session dedicated to customizing a nutrient intake program that will work specifically for you.

In addition to those activities above, you can choose one from any of the following options.


Traditional Thai massage that will include stretching, acupressure, massage, all the while you relax and allow the clinician to service you as you likely fall in to a deep sleep. This is great for relaxation and muscle regeneration.

Island excursion

You will be able to go on a four-island excursion to experience the beauty of the Andaman Sea. You can go swimming, snorkeling, eating, and enjoying the fun in the sun. Subject will be able to change due to weather.

Life coach session

You will be able to have a one-hour of life coaching session. Discover where you may be stuck. Receive principles and tools to help you overcome personal life obstacles to begin to move you forward in your journey towards overall health and the life style you have always wanted.

Day 1

  • 07:30 Booster juice
  • 08:30 Fit 4 Life - fitness program
  • 09:30 Pool cool down (optional)
  • 10:00 Fresh fruit
  • 12:00 Nutritious lunch
  • 13:00 Introduction in to healthy diet and lifestyle
  • 14:30 Sabay Sabay (rest and relaxation)
  • 15:30 Fit 4 Life - yoga, tai chi, or strength and stretch (optional)
  • 18:00 Healthful dinner

Day 2 to 4

  • 07:30 Booster juice, you will have juicing every hour on the half hour
  • 08:30 Fit 4 Life - fitness program (optional)
  • 11:00 Know your health
  • 15:30 Fit 4 Life - yoga, tai chi, or strength and stretch (optional)
  • 16:30 You will have juicing every hour on the half hour for the next three hours

Day 5

  • 07:30 Booster juice
  • 08:30 Fit 4 Life - fitness program
  • 11:00 Know your health - breakfast and raw foods demo
  • 15:30 Fit 4 Life - yoga, tai chi, or strength and stretch (optional)
  • 18:00 Healthful dinner and certificate ceremony

Day 6

  • 19:30 Booster juice
  • 08:00 Fit 4 Life - fitness program (optional)
  • 09:00 Farewell breakfast buffet

As part of your journey, Get Juiced for Life wants you to be able to experience the breathtaking topography of Southern Thailand. You will only be moments away from the Andaman Sea, as well as the many neighboring islands.

You will have an opportunity during your stay to venture out in to the deep blue sea where you will be able to snorkel, walk on white sandy beaches, and relax on Thailand's world famous long tail boats. It will surely be a highlight of your time with Get Juiced for Life.

Get Juiced for Life will also take you to some breathtaking temples (wat's) where you will see Buddhist monks and wild monkeys set amongst some of the highest points in Ao Nang and Krabi.

  • Zina Docto

    After years of education and gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge, Zina became a certified health minister. For the past 15 years, she has been found educating and encouraging others to make the same decisions she had by taking their health into their own hands and to gain knowledge on how to care for the total you. Her programs concentrate on the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, and how to learn to take care of you, while addressing what she believes are seven keys to overall health, air, water, food, exercise, sunlight, rest, and relationships.

This retreat will be held in the heart of a lovely little sea village named Ao Nang, located in the province of Krabi, Thailand. In this tranquil little community, the atmosphere is pristine with fresh sea breeze provided by the Andaman Sea, nestled in between amazing limestone mountain views and islands sprinkled throughout.

Nearby places

  • Ao Nang Beach - 5 minutes
  • Hat Nopparatara Beach - 7 minutes
  • Krabi International Airport (KBV) - 45 minutes
  • Phuket International Airport (HKT) - 2 hours

During this retreat, you will be served delicious meals and juice blends that are prepared fresh daily. All of the ingredients are locally grown and purchased at local markets. A sure way to obtain and maintain health is to eat foods that are grown and harvested in ones own region. You will be exposed to vegetables and fruits that people exorbitant amounts of money to have shipped to their homelands. You will get to eat them fresh daily.

Additionally, Get Juiced for Life does not used processed foods, but primarily living whole foods instead. Your nutrient intake will be approximately 80% living whole food and 20% cooked food. All of the rice and grains are grown locally as well to ensure that you are getting the freshest ingredients possible. This will support your digestion, assimilation, and elimination. When working properly, these three will allow for quicker results in meeting your current needs. To top it off, all of their food tastes great!

If you have food allergies, please inform Get Juiced for Life immediately and they will surely try to accommodate you. Their kitchen staff is very creative and can always find a substitute when needed for most any ingredient. They rarely use peanuts, as they not only affect many with allergies but they are also difficult to digest.

During your free time, you are welcome to take scenic walks through the village where you will see locals in their home environment. Take a walk among rubber, palm, and banana trees, pineapple fields, and more. The local people are friendly and you will see very quickly why Thailand is known as the "land of smiles". Only three kilometers from the beach, you can walk along either Ao Nang or Noppharat Thara beaches only moments away from one another.

At sunrise and sunset, wild monkeys come to the beach. You may have an up close introduction with one or many if you are privileged enough to come during their feeding times.

If you wish to spend time in the peace and quiet of your bungalow, Get Juiced for Life provides a plethora of education videos for you to watch at anytime. Any subject about health, wellness, food preparation, and abundant lifestyle can be found within their library of online videos. They are yours with a simple request.

As part of your program, you will receive two Thai massage treatments. Additional services like facials, foot scrubs, manicures, pedicures, eye lash extensions, and other pampering services can be ordered at additional charges.

  • 1 four-island longtail boat excursion
  • 2 life coaching sessions
  • 2 Thai massage sessions
  • 3-day juice therapy
  • 6 nights accommodations
  • Airport transfers from and to Krabi International Airport (KBV)
  • Certificate of participation upon completion
  • Daily meals according to itinerary
  • Educational materials
  • Introduction and consultation
  • Fitness programs
  • Raw food or juicing demonstration
  • Yoga, tai chi, and strength and stretch sessions
  • Airfare
  • Personal hygiene needs
  • Personal laundry

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Krabi International Airport (KBV). Depending on what country you are flying in from, you can either book a direct flight to this airport, or you can fly to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) first, and then book a connecting flight to Krabi International Airport (KBV). Transfer from and to Krabi International Airport (KBV) is included. Get Juiced for Life will pick you up from the airport.

Arriving at Phuket International Airport (HKT) which is located about two hours away is also possible, but transfers from and to this airport will not be included in the package.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Krabi, Thailand

Get Juiced for Life organizes health and fitness retreats to equip you for overall health and well-being, through fitness, fresh food, fresh air, and nature.

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7 days / 6 nights

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