Featherweight Retreat

Featherweight Retreat offers luxury Muay Thai retreats for strong women to equip them with the mental and physical strength to be ready for anything.

Instructors 3

Sagadphet Sitsongpeenong

Sagadphet is a fighter from the golden era of Muay Thai and known for have the hardest Muay Thai kicks of that time. As a superstar in Thailand since he was 11 years old, Sagadphet has gone on to become one of the most sought-after coaches in the world. Although a world-renowned fighter, Sagadphet is extremely patient and great with beginners. You can see Sagadphet working with children as young as five years old and walking his three adorable dogs when he is not training. Achievements fighting include Champion of Thailand, two Champions Lumphine Stadium, and Champion of Rajadernman Stadium.

Pentai Singpatong Sitsongpeenong

Pentai has an exciting style of mixing up powerful punches and low kicks, a dominant force in his weight division and huge crowd favorite. Pentai's easy going and relaxed teaching style also makes him one of the favorite trainers. When Pentai is not training, he is often spending time with his adorable three-year-old son and his wife at the beach. Achievements of the fighter include 2 Lumphine Champions, Current Channel 7 Champion (10/2/2015), and Champion of Thailand.

Sakultong Suriya Thongkoed

Sakultong has a long career in Bangkok fighting at the highest level out of the famous Kiatkthantom gym. Sakultong is quiet, patient, and extremely strong. You can often find Sakultong working on pads with international fighters who are at least 10 to 20 kilograms heavier than him, but Sakultong will not even break a sweat. He is the trainer of Champions Nopparart Kiatkthanontom, Lumine, and Champion of Thailand.

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