FangYuan TaiChi Centre offers Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Meditation courses for all level of students, We can arrange all those course online and learn in China.

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YuPing Wu (Master Ping)

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from Hong Kong, August 2021

"Master Ping the Master"

A great opportunity for novice Tai Chi practitioners, such as myself, to learn alongside those with more experience - the group dynamic was strong, with excellent camaraderie.

Best of all were the supplementary trips we enjoyed - hiking, BBQ, exploring Chao Zhou.

Finally, it was lovely to meet Master Ping's family and spend time in his home village.

Yuliana I Gusti Ngurah

from Indonesia, May 2021

"Very good ,excellent"

Detail in every process


from United States, October 2020

"Exceeded all expectations"

From start to finish, this was an exceptionally relaxing and peaceful week. The instructors were very knowledgable, and taught class in an easy to follow manner. I liked everything about this experience, and would recommend to others without hesitation.


from Belgium, October 2020

"Great stay ! "

My stay in Yangshuo traditional Tai Chi school was great, from the quality of the training to the tasty food :)

I was fully beginner in tai chi and both Ping and Kim showed tremendous patience and kindness to teach us the basics of this philosophy ! I would definitely recommend to anyone of any age.

Samantha Mcgregor

from China, August 2020

"Inspiring, humbling and insightful"

This experience was by far one of the most mentally and physically challenging for me. Being a person who us used to high energy sporting activities I did not realise the challenge of completely relaxing and finding internal peace and flow. I was able to learn the movements fast (so I was concerned I may become bored) but when it came to really understanding the fine movements and appreciating them, I realized I had a lot to learn!! This came to me as a hugely surprising and humbling experience.

I was able to really internalize this experience and have walked away with life time lessons about my physical and mental abilities.

The food was some of the best I have had in China. We even ensured that we were present for all meals as it was better than the restaurants!

The accommodation is basic but comfortable and practical.

As for the trainers. Shifu Kim and Shifu Ping were both highly professional, patient and supportive. The classes are conducted in such a way that any level benefits (even when there was a huge mixture of students with different levels of martial arts back grounds to students who are not active). Both trainers teach in very different ways but both have the same impact and really instill their own passion for Tai Chi. Seeing there dedication and their very obvious passion for what they do is inspirational.

NEVER did I think that I would grow this passion for Tai Chi. But I have. And if possible I will most certainly return to continue my learning.

Charley Eddolls

from China, August 2020

"This was a wonderful week."

Masters Kim and Ping were both wonderful. The classes were a good balance of tai chi form practise and other things. Whether you are expedienced or total beginners (like us) they will cater for your needs.

The school is lovely as the buildings are old but prepared well. The location is stunning.

The food was tasty and plentiful with lots of vegetables. Mr Hu is a great cook.

It is superb value for money and i will be returning.

Elaine Liu

from Hong Kong, July 2020

"Wonderful experience "

Jasmine Cochran

from China, July 2020

"More than I imagined!"

I don't know where to start! I was promptly greeted with a lift from the train station to the facilities. My accommodation was beautiful, comfortable, and quiet. The food was extraordinary (I'm vegan, and the meals were excellent!), the grounds and surrounding area were breathtaking, and the instruction was perfect--not too easy, not too difficult for a beginner like me. Master Ping and Master Kim are excellent teachers who pay attention to detail and patiently explain form while keeping things light and enjoyable. I loved my time here and wish I had a full month or two to spend at the school. Two thumbs up for sure, and I will absolutely be back.


from Great Britain, May 2020

"Excellent live online classes"

Master Ping is very clear with his teaching. I’ve been attending his tai chi and meditation classes and highly recommend him. A wonderful break from lockdown and working from home.

Alex Macleod

from Great Britain, January 2020

The instructors I thought were both excellent and sincere as teachers and as good human beings

Dipti Walawalkar

from India, January 2020

"An amazing experience!"

Let me start by saying that this was by far one of the best travel experiences i have had. The accomodation was great. I loved the place. The learning experience was even better. Both Master Kim and Master Ping were extremely good at teaching and paid attention to every student. They enjoyed teaching and sharing their knowledge. Tat chi has become a daily practice that helps me through the day. Thank you Kim and Ping!


from South Korea, January 2020

"A meaningful experience "

I wasn't there very long, but enjoyed every class and the time there. I felt as comfortable as I could be, as a complete beginning student of Martial Arts, with both teachers (masters). They were friendly, warm, and professional. My goal was to learn Qigong and meditation and I feel that I learned more than what I had expected in the short amount of time I was there. Definitely coming back!

Mathilda Larsson

from Norway, December 2019

"Excellent training"

Spent 28 days here without any previous experience in tai chi or qigong. The training was of high quality, I feel like I really learned a lot in a month and would recommend to anyone interested in learning tai chi and qigong. The location is great, the surrounding nature is so beautiful and food is great! Highly recommended.

Lynne Lee

from Fiji, December 2019

The dedication and hospitality of the Instructors, apart from teaching they assisted with every other request by students.

For me it felt like a home away from home.

Jacqueline Hicks

from Great Britain, December 2019

I spent a wonderful week at this school. I am a complete beginner in Tai Chi, but still got a lot from the instruction. I found the food and accommodation to be great, but the best part was the care by Masters Ping and Kim who went beyond normal expectations to ensure that I always had everything I need and to create a lovely family atmosphere at the school. Beautiful location too, with time to explore.

Noah Nkonge

from Great Britain, November 2019

"A rich immersion into the depth and beauty of tai chi"

I found Master Kim and Master Ping to be amazing teachers who are also kind, relatable and generous.

I enjoyed learning the details and the foundations of tai chi and found the private lessons very worthwhile in helping my practice develop. The atmosphere is welcoming and staying in the school feels like being part of a community.

I very highly recommend this school and I'm planning on going back!

Linda Mason

from Australia, November 2019

"A must do "

Everything! so warm and welcoming. Massive value for spend and the training very comprehensive.


from China, October 2019

"As good as all the reviews say "

The Tai Chi School is in a very scenic Setting, with beautiful surroundings to explore by bike. Theres a lot of hotels nearby and you should expect Yangshuo to be quite touristy, it is still nice to explore though.

Master Kim and Master Ping are extremely nice and their way of teaching complimentary, which for me as a beginner was perfect because the different approaches made it easier to understand the movements. The teachers are also around for lunch and dinner and stay after that for tea and stories.

It is a place that will make you feel like home if you let it.

Søren Jespersen

from Denmark, October 2019

"You do not wanna miss out on this place!"

As a 21 year old foreigner with no experience in martial arts. After spending 28 days at the school I have learned a lot. An experience at this place will give you a profound insight into the martial art and Chinese culture. You will meet a lot of new interesting people and the school makes it very easy to turn these people into your friends.

There is a Chinese saying: “Guilin’s scenery is the best under heaven”, the school is placed in the heart of all this and the it gives you every opportunity to explore the many routes along rivers and mountains. I took one of the schools many bikes most mornings and went for a trip before training, I enjoyed this a lot.

The food is nice and very different every day, which made me look forward to every meal.

Master Ping and Kim are both incredible teachers, they will help you improve immensely at every level of tai chi. They have a great sense of humor which makes the training sessions a lot of fun. After training and meals they will stick around at the school which makes them your friend as well.

I do not believe I have had such great teachers before.

I had a blast and I will recommend this place to anyone no matter age.

Ye Cheng

from China, October 2019

"Amazing Experience!!!"

As a Chinese person, I've been thinking for a long time to learn Tai Chi, and I got super lucky to find this place. Yangshuo is beautiful, all my friends from the other countries who have been here love this place a lot. The school is located is a 300-year old mansion, it felt like the time just slowed down when I stayed here.

Talking about the course, I learned a lot, and I'm going to keep doing Tai Chi in the future. Both masters are professional and very patient in teaching, they're so willing to introduce this traditional Chinese culture and philosophy to the students, they explained the details (where did the forms come from), and we practiced the basic movements every day.

It's nice to have one-week course, and I'll definitely come back and stay longer.

Hope you will take a try..

Oksana Yaroshevich

from Great Britain, October 2019

"True gem"

I liked everything about the retreat. Teaching was brilliant, setting beautiful, people around friendly and interesting. I have never done taichi before but am hooked now and will definitely try to be back to the school for more inspiration and guidance.

Charisse Louw

from South Africa, September 2019

"Chen Style Tai Chi & Qi Gong - excellent teachers & setting"

Oh my goodness! What an outstanding experience. I loved everything - Masters Kim & Ping are excellent teachers, they offer classes for base beginners right up to advanced teachers. To give you an idea of how wonderful they are - one of the students has been there for a year and is staying another. Others return annually. I loved exploring the beautiful surroundings on the bicycle provided. You can do your laundry for free. The food is delicious. Such a great experience. Also Chinese language lessons, massage & calligraphy on offer.

Lori Voss-furukawa

from Philippines, September 2019

"Great place to study Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation. "

The location is lovely and both Master Ping and Master Kim are great teachers. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, kind and respectful. The quality of studies was beyond my expectations.

Niina Strobel

from Philippines, September 2019

"Excellent, very authentic experience! "

I liked every minute of it, very cute place, traditional and easy to get into Yangshuo and beautiful scenery. Teachers were excellent, approachable, and very friendly. I will be back for sure, thank you Master Ping and Master Kim for this amazing experience!

Mixtli Auachtli

from Hong Kong, August 2019

"Beautiful school"

The location is close to paradise while the school has a very calm, welcoming ambient.

Alex Stocksdale

from France, August 2019

"Excellent Tai Chi Retreat!"

This Tai Chi retreat is situated in the cute and active town of Yangshuo. The Masters, Master Ping and Master Kim, are both highly experienced Tai Chi instructors. Expect to learn Chen Style Basic 18 Form within two weeks! It takes some effort. The accomadation is nice, as seen in the pictures. Anyone at the school is willing to help you if there is a problem with your accomadation. There are two classes a day! Both around two hours. In addition, there are three meals a day. Some of the best Chinese food I've had! It's very communal, as you sit around a table with other guests. It's nice to stay at the school and take it easy, but if you're looking for things to do, it's not hard to find something. Nearby, there's the Li River that can be reached by foot, bike, or motorbike. Go for a swim! They're also lotus fields for photo opportunities. You can also go rock climbing or visit the local shopping area on West Street. Best of all, the view. It's stunning and you won't forget it. There's also a cute dog at the school named Hot Pot!

Lea Bessoudo

from Israel, August 2019

"Special place with special people. "

I am so lucky i’ve found this place. So far, one of the best experience I’ve had. It is a special place, with special people. High quality of tai chi teaching, beautiful space and surrounding. I am already planning my coming back but for a much longer stay. Big thank you to Masters Ping and Kim.

Sigríður Lara Sigurjonsdottir

from Iceland, August 2019

"A brilliant experience"

An excellent training vacation in beautiful surroundings. Even if the heat in July was somewhat challenging, the lessons and the overall experience was extremely positive wonderful. The school environment is like a family and the instructors very thorough and friendly.


from United States, July 2019

"2 Weeks of Happiness"

Very familiar and easy going atmosphere. Very diverse group of students and always interesting conversations. The amount of lessons and free time is perfectly balanced and the teachers are friendly, interested in their students and caring. The environment is cosy and within 10 minutes on bycicle (provided by the school) you can reach the scenic area of the river.

I recommend staying at least 2 weeks.

Guixing Pan

from United States, July 2019

"Amazing!!! Nice experience more than i expect "

I enjoyed every single thing! Everything is organized very well . the masters were very professional and very friendly. Master Ping English is very good , were wonderful and patient with us, i like his teaching style, very clear to explain every movement:) , you feel like at home with your family, staff is great,food is delicious,massage was great.

The school provide different level of course for students who are beginners or advanced , some of them are staying for more than 1 year and taking teacher training course in the school. it was a great experience and a great way to feel immersed in Chinese culture.i will plan my next trip to come back and stay longer for 3 months for more intensive training.


from Hong Kong, July 2019

"Tai Chi school in a hidden gem in scenic Yangshuo"

Both Masters and staff are very kind and helpful and have great hospitality. Felt like part of family. Both Masters are very passionate and dedicated to Tai Chi and other Martial Arts. The place where school is is very quiet and surrounded by nature. The food is excellent and vegetables are from local farmers and market. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a Martial art school. Thank you Master Ping and Master Kim🙏

Greg Shaffer

from Hong Kong, July 2019

"Well worth my time!"

The experience of Tai Chi and Qi Gong was everything I had hoped it would be an more. You never really know until you experience it first hand wether you will find yourself wanting more or just thankful for having gave it a good hearted try. I found myself transported back in time. The nostalgia was breathtaking. The level of instruction from Masters Kim and Ping was phenomenal. If you don’t give it a go, you will never know just what you’re missing.

Joselyn Gorman

from China, June 2019

"Very enjoyable experience will definately do again"

I loved the lessons and how he taught the history while also teaching the movements. He was very funny and relatable. After class there were so many options of other actovities around the school. Everyone there was helpful and felt like family. We even had a family movie night. He customized the lessons to focus on the interest of the students. Everything was amazing.

Nathalie Schwai

from Hong Kong, June 2019

"Best TAICHI experience ever in China"

I love the school, beautiful scenery peaceful and quiet. Mountains birds RIVER . Master Kim and Master Ping are very friendly. Had a great time with the others students too.


from China, June 2019

"Fantastic retreat, excelled in every way"

This was one of my afvorite stays from my 10 months joureny around the world. From the moment I stepped through the door I was in love with this place. The teachers are amazing, the food is fantastic, the accommodation was very comfortable and clean.

I travelled by myself and it felt like home. I loved the classes,The instruction is very professional & they are mindful of individual differences in ability.

the wonderful other students, and very healthy to drinking tea every day . I loved the village architecture and exploring the beautiful countryside by foot and bike.

I will definitely be back, but for longer than a week next time.

Patrick Sun

from China, June 2019

"Good teacher which made the attraction worthwhile"

This place is the real deal. Myself and my girlfriend stayed at the school for 10 days, training mostly with Master Ping. Firstly the area - a peaceful and very beautiful spot, just outside of Yangshuo town (this is a very good thing, Yangshuo is pretty crazy and busy). Our room was basic but comfortable, and the food is really great - fresh cooked meals three times a day, with plenty of options.

As for the training - excellent. I have a fair amount of experience with Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and Ping is both a talented practitioner, and a brilliant teacher. His English is very good, and he can both explain and demonstrate everything you need to know, and answer any questions you have (something that is pretty rare even with teachers with first language English). The training was varied and deep, we learned a lot about Qi Gong, Meditation, and martial arts applications, as well as the relationships between Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi. Ping is also super friendly and welcoming, and the kind of guy you immediately feel comfortable with.

John Walsh

from Japan, May 2019

"Dream Training Holiday"

The first noticeable thing about the school is the friendly and relaxing atmosphere. This is a place where I think everybody feels immediately at home. I arrived in the evening and settled into my room (basic but quite adequate) before joining the training the next morning. Although I have done a little tai chi before, I considered myself a beginner but the set-up in this school is ideal. Some people there when I was there were quite experienced while others were like me, but everybody was catered for. The classes appeared slow and easy, but after a few days I realised how much I had learnt and how I was already feeling my whole body change. I had booked in for a week, which was enough to get a fantastic feel for tai chi and what it can do, but not enough to learn a complete form, so I cancelled my planned trip to Vietnam and stayed another week! I was simply enjoying it too much. I am already planning my next trip there, which will be my next available holiday, and I'm going to find a class in the UK to keep up my practice. One of my best travelling experiences ever.

Marin Jensen

from France, April 2019

"It was a great experience, with wonderful teachers"

I have studied Yang style Tai Chi in Europe already, but this was my first experience with Chen style, and my first experience studying full-time in China. Here are my likes:

1) The teaching quality is exceptional. Both Master Kim and Master Ping are not only very powerful practitioners, they are also wonderful teachers. I saw them teaching students of all levels, from complete beginner to students with years of practice, and they always succeeded in adapting their teaching to the level of each student. And you felt that they address each student as an individual.

2) The food is really good, always made with local produce, always fresh, and varied. And I could see that the cook could also cater to special needs.

3) The school is set in such beautiful countryside (it even figures on the 20RMB bill!), with lots of little roads so you can go exploring on bicycles (and its very safe). And I like Yangshuo also, which is a lively town and not too big.

Linda Ho

from Netherlands, April 2019

"A wonderful experience in a beautiful surrounding! "

The quality of teaching is very high. Both master Ping and master Kim are very dedicated teachers. They are very helpful to improve your tai chi level, whether you're a beginner or advanced student. They pay attention to a lot of details that make you understand the Tai Chi in a deeper level and one can truly feel their passion for Tai Chi. The atmosphere is lovely and peaceful, the surrounding beautiful. If you're looking for an authentic experience you should definitely come here!

Patti Smith

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing experience - will be back again! "

The instructors (Masters) were so patient & kind. Master Kim & Master Ping made me feel right at home :) I learnt so much in the short time I was there. The school is quiet, beautiful — located in a small village - surrounded by nature & mountains, but still very close to the city. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer. I’ll for sure be back!

Cristian Cárdenas

from Spain, September 2019

"Master class, destino único "

En mi clase solo éramos 3 personas, había tiempo de corregir a cada uno. Cada instrucción era completísima, recorría desde la filosofía de la práctica del Tai Chi hasta la medicina China, la visión de anatomía con foco en los meridianos y sin dejar de mencionar la teoría holistica de la práctica. Las clases silenciosas con buenas instalaciones, en un entorno precioso. Mis maestros eran amables y con mucha paciencia, te hacen llegar a las posturas mediante a la pròpia comprensión del cuerpo y la energía. Puedes usar las instalaciones, si deseas practicar en forma privada, fuera del horario de clases. El respeto prima entre los alumnos procedentes de diferentes países y edades. La comida simple, però deliciosa. Hay disponible bicicletas y lavadoras gratuitas. Los maestros están siempre disponibles y dispuestos a resolver cualquier duda, desde las propias clases hasta tus paseos, logística y vida diaria. Yangshuo es un entorno paradisíaco, con unos paisajes increíbles, hay muchas actividades que hacer, desde senderismo hasta escaladas de montaña, paseos en bote por los preciosos ríos, en scooter bordeando las montañas, espectáculos, etc.

Guillermo Caudet Lloris

from Spain, August 2019

Instructors were very kind with us and they looked after carefully. You can learn deep knowledge from their wisdom.

It is an awesome place. Everywhere there is a place in which you can take a marvelous photo. Spending your time cycling could be a good option if the weather is nice.