Headquartered on the tropical island of Singapore, Evolve MMA has World Champion instructors, modern facilities, a full range of martial arts disciplines, and the biggest class schedules.

Training Camps (2)

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Instructors (5)

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao

Yodkunsup Por Pongsawang

Teco Shinzato

Alex Silva

Reviews (4)

Yash Chhajlani

from India, May 2019

"Evolve [email protected] East Square Chinatown"

I would want to acknowledge the help from bookmartialarts which helped in finding the right place for training and improving my skill sets. The entire training period was a delight and I had a good time. Instructors were very friendly and professional in teaching. I’m looking forward to training here again.


from South Korea, February 2019

"Good Times at Evolve"

I had a great time at Evolve Far East Square. The instructors and people there were friendly and encouraging. I took a variety of classes, and they were all much better than I expected. The facility was very clean and the equipment was up to date.