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Enjoy Health

Enjoy Health is a specialized agency for health, wellness, and medical tourism that tailors each course of treatment and accommodation for your need in Croatia.

Instructors 1

Sonja Jukić

Sonja Jukić has been practicing Qigong and taijiquan for 12 years, Zen yoga (or Chinese yoga) and Chinese calligraphy for 6 years, and shiatsu massage and craniosacral therapy for 5 and 2 years. In 2011 and 2015, she spent 3 months in China practicing taijiquan and calligraphy. She acquired a certificate as an authorized instructor for taijiquan in 2011 under the grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the 19th generation lineage holder of Chen-style taijiquan) and has been teaching it since then. She also combines Qigong and Zen yoga in her classes.

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Monika Soric

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Very responsible, affordable prices and great service!

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