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Eastover Estate and Retreat

Eastover is a sanctuary and holistic healing center, providing a unique healing space through mindfulness practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, and yoga.

Instructors 10

Terence Dunn

Terence Dunn is an expert instructor of Chinese martial, yogic, and healing arts with more than 39 years of training based in Los Angeles, California. Since 1990, he has popularized Tai Chi Chuan and authentic Qigong practice throughout America and Europe through his highly acclaimed Tai Chi for Health and Chi Kung For Health DVD programs. Terry has also pioneered the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong in modern medicine and professional sports.

Junfeng Li

Master Li was head coach of China's national martial arts team, winning over one hundred gold medals with the children he coached. The master has also directed and acted in several martial arts films. Junfeng Li is one of those highly cultivated martial art and Qi Gong masters capable of receiving teachings and messages from divine spirits in meditation. He currently travels the world to spread the word of “opening the heart with unconditional love”. Master Li is one of the true living Qi Gong masters and the driving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Gong, the Qi Gong of unconditional love.

Master Fukui Yang

Master Yang's family has a deep Chinese medicinal tradition, which can be traced back to the same roots as Chinese martial arts. He learned Chinese medicine meridian theory from his family and took courses in schools. It deepened Master Yang's understanding of Chinese martial arts, and at the same time, it empowered him to cure sports injuries and illnesses using physical therapy, bone setting, acupuncture, and qigong methods. Master Yang currently teaches Chinese medicine, taijiquan, and qigong.

Rick Barrett

Rick Barrett has been teaching Chinese internal martial arts and practicing energy healing in New York City for over a quarter century, and has been studying for almost forty years. His two primary teachers are William C. C. Chen and Yang Fukui. Rick's investigations into the martial side of taijiquan led to several national championships in Taiji Push Hands and to develop what he calls "love-based martial arts". He demonstrates clearly how the martial artist is empowered by love and hindered by fear and anger.

Aiping Cheng

Aiping Cheng is one of the world’s foremost authorities in Chinese Martial Arts (CMA). She has acquired many achievements internationally that many strive for and in 1996, Master Cheng began teaching tai chi to very fortunate American students. Created and managed Aiping Tai Chi Center located in Orange, Connecticut for two decades.

Solala Towler

Solala Towler is the President Emeritus and founding board member of the National Qigong Association, US.

Susan Krieger

Susan is an internationally recognized practitioner, teacher, and counselor of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Ki-Shiatsu-Asian bodywork and healing arts, whole health nutrition, integrative macrobiotics, face readings, and women’s health. For over 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, she has helped countless numbers of people strengthen and regain their health. She is board certified by the NCCAOM in acupuncture and Asian bodywork therapy, is a New York state licensed acupuncturist, an AOBTA founding member, and a certified practitioner, instructor, health, and nutritional counselor.

Paul Hannah

Paul is a compassionate master teacher and a humble lifelong student. He uses conscious radiant breathing to transmit unification and purification in the world. As a life energy consultant, Dr. Hannah works with people to create greater harmony in their lives, harnessing his own internal practice to help others realize their full potential. Dr. Hannah has studied Qi Gong with numerous masters and is an inner door disciple of Grandmaster Hong Liu. Much of his formal Qi Gong training has come from Grandmasters Hong, Kwok, Wong Kiew Kit, and T.K. Shih.

Jay Emmanuel

Jay is an Applied Kinesiologist and Vibrational Medicine Therapist, who utilizes homeopathy, Ayurvedic herbs, ancestral herbs therapies from the Andes, natural organic nutrition, bio-magnetic therapies, and vibrational medicine quantum technology in his practices. Jay is a pranic energy therapist, yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Reiki Practitioner. He has been working and experimenting for more than 30 years with the power of vibrations and specific harmonic sounds frequencies in order to accelerate the natural healing process of the body, mind, and spirit.

Jing Li

Jing Li will be your Qigong instructor during this training.

Testimonials 4

Lorraine Hughes

Eastover Estate and Retreat Facebook page

Beautiful grounds, great teachers, looking for to the Qi Gong Symposium in June!

Prana Regina Barrett

Eastover Estate and Retreat Facebook page

I just LOVE Eastover! The staff is SO loving & attentive. I have been coming here since they first opened, so I feel I am among good friends. People who I want to be around that are present, healthy & have practices that assist them in being clear & not emotionally reactive. I see Eastover as the place where I can go for a retreat & to deepen my qigong practices & knowledge of Chinese Medicine. A special thanks to YingXing & her staff for creating a comfortable & safe place for me to rest, heal & growth in nature & among friends.

a traveler USA

TripAdvisor website

Eastover offers retreats that inspire both body and soul. Most recently, a Qi Gong retreat offered both learning and relaxing. Situated in the beautiful Berkshire mountains, this location facilities indoor and outdoor activities and R&R. Well worth a visit.

Cantor G.

TripAdvisor website

Beautiful old elegant estate- gardens fountains great views and kind people around. I took a yoga class and we had a lovely breakfast included. Fantastic coffee too! We enjoyed walking around and felt it was a nice getaway! The location is perfect for exploring Lenox!

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