Diamond Muay Thai

Suratthani, Thailand

Diamond Muay Thai is a traditionally designed training camp near the beach. This fully equipped training facility has awesome jungle and mountain views.

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  • Phil E Cambodia

    Trip Advisorwebsite

    Great set of trainers and lots of fights to go and see to support the students I decided to do some Muay Thai training to increase my fitness levels and lose some weight. I had absolutely no intention in taking part in an organized fight, the guys there had no problems with that and I can honestly say that I received the same amount of pad time (one on one training with an instructor) as the guys there planning on fighting.The beauty of diamond as opposed to some other schools is that they only have a maximum of twelve students in any session this is how they are able to offer such a high level of training to all levels and abilities.On the downside, this does mean that it is much better for you to book your sessions before you get there to avoid being disappointed. There is accommodation available on site, these bungalows are shared with one other person, I stayed in them for the first week of my training as it is a great way to meet the people that you are training with, after the first week I moved to a house up the road so I could get some air conditioning.I started off with two training sessions a day, which is very intense, I had to step that down to one a day after the first two weeks as I was spending most of my time recovering and wanted to spend some time exploring the island.

  • Zowees United Kingdom

    Trip Advisorwebsite

    Speechless If you're looking to train, come here. No-nonsense, egos left far from ringside, these guys are going to give you want you want - what you need, when you need it. Train for an excellent price for a few weeks, and if you're serious about it and can throw some good technical moves and prove your spirit is in the fight - go on to earn money and fight for Team Diamond. One of the most character-forming experiences I have ever had (and I've been around).Don't hesitate. Come here. Contact me if you need to! Priceless. I'll be back.

  • Shuki Rosenzweig

    Diamond Muay Thaiwebsite

    In early November 2011 I fled the Bangkok floods and arrived on beautiful Koh Phangan where the Diamond family made me feel very welcome. I trained at their gym in the jungle near Thongsala for two months and every day was a pleasure! There are really cool guys here with international/ Thai fighters and the level of trainers (especially Mon) was exceptional. The gym is very professional and I fought 2 times for them. I truly can't wait for the opportunity to come again and train with the guys at Diamond Muay Thai.

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