Combat 360X is a Muay Thai, MMA and fitness camp located in the beautiful seaside town of Khao Lak just north of Phuket, Thailand.

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3 Weeks Fitness, Muay Thai & BJJ Training in Thailand

Available in October, November & December
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Mike Saint Claire

Petdam Combat 360X

Sanong Combat 360X

Reviews (24)

Ibidapo Awosanya

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Fantastic experience"

Loved my accomodation, the pool, the trainers and Thailand in general.

Axelle Covemacker

from France, April 2019

"Exactly what I was looking for "

As it is the low season we were only a few. 3 training a day, really high quality. The trainers are awesome. The food is fresh, and very good. Kaii will take care of you, she is such a great person.

Kyle Freemantle

from Vietnam, January 2019

"Unreal time at the camp, with some of the best people"

The best part of the camp for me was how friendly and sociable everyone is, from day 1 I was made to feel at home especially as a complete beginner it was so nice to not feel like one! The trainers are amazing, Petdam, Sanong and Phuk are brilliant at explaining and teaching, from beginner to professional. Will and Freddie are also brilliant and I could not fault them, made great friends with them and hoping to visit again soon! Little Mike is a laugh a minute! Also the food... Gai is an amazing cook and she never made me a bad meal so thank you!! I miss her cooking!

Mike Carroll

from New Zealand, June 2017

"55 year old learning Muay Thai, 30 day combat training camp"

The trainers and the environment provided was supportive and encouraging which made learning more fun. The trainers worked with you individually which was possible due the combat360x been a smaller camp.

Stanley Blundell

from Great Britain, July 2019


Combat 360 is the most humble, simple, spit and sawdust Muay Thai gym around. The training is perfect, if you take every session they fit perfectly into your day. I was surprised how much I loved the X Training, you come for the Muay Thai but Tom’s ‘quality over quantity’ approach helped my training immensely. The coaches, Sanong and Petdam, are pedigree fighters in their own right, and it was an honour to learn from them.

Tanja Garcorz

from United States, June 2019

"Empfehlenswert "

Im großen und ganzen waren die 4 Wochen Training sehr gut! Die Unterkunft ist sehr unluxeriös, aber genau das wollte ich. Perfekt um wieder etwas auf den Boden zu kommen und seine Bedürfnisse etwas zurück zu schrauben... Etwas enttäuscht war ich, als mir gesagt wurde dass keine BJJ/grappling Klassen stattfinden da keiner der Trainer anwendsend war! Dafür hatte ich erstklassiges Muay Thai Training mit Sanong Wong und Petdam. Ich hätte es einfach nur fair gefunden wenn man mir vor Ankunft gesagt hätte dass einige Klassen ausfallen - für welche ich schließlich gezahlt habe... Yoga fand auch nicht statt. Abgesehen davon war es ein sehr lehrreicher, intensiver Monat. Gerne wieder! Der Ort ist auch relativ ruhig und Party frei, was mir sehr wichtig war. Restaurants und Stände sind mit dem Scooter leicht zu erreichen. Danke für die gute Zeit

Rashid Arain

from United States, January 2019

"Outstanding stay, absolutely surpassed my expectations"

I loved everything about my stay. The training was intense and I learnt a lot in a very short time. The instructors around Mike were all superb as coaches as well as humans. It's more than just a camp, but mere like a small family that welcomes u right away. Definitely be back! Love, Rashid

PS: I am not from the States as shown, but from Germany ;)

Sam Halsall

from New Zealand, January 2019

"Awesome Training and Great People"

The Instructors are great at teaching you new things every day, they are amazing at what they do. They are very welcoming and get you involved with other things. A few highlights while I was there, A Thailand style BBQ at the gym, going along with the team to a Muay Thai Fight. I was here over Christmas and New Years and they made it feel like I was at home, with my family. All the staff go out of there way to make you feel comfortable and are very helpful. I would go back in a heart beat because of the people and the training.

Imke Bouts

from Netherlands, September 2018

Had a great time at the camp, mainly because of the good training session, the instructors and the positive vibe.

It is a bit isolated, but with a bike you’d be able to compensate it easily. I think it’s what you make out of things yourself. If your goal is to train, you’re certainly at the right spot.

Abhishek Tiwari

from India, December 2017

Personal attention given by each instructor and the friendly environment.

Léo Ercolanelli

from France, November 2017

"Enjoyed the f*** out of 3 weeks of (mostly) Muay Thai"

First and foremost would be the trainers! We constantly had 3 trainers for 5 trainees, which gives you almost 3 hours of private class of Muay Thai every day.

The training is also well thought out, and they adapt to ones level: not once did I feel a class was too hard or too easy.

They also listen and adapt the content with more or less sparring, depending on the taste of the trainees.

It's worth noting that they are also tremendous fighters, and you get to see them compete almost every month.

The people at the gym really ease your stay, by helping you renting a motor scooter (I highly recommend), or with any issue you may have (they helped me getting back my laptop that I forgot at a previous location).

The location makes it perfect for chilling between sessions: it's rural, lots of vegetation everywhere, and you have beautiful beaches nearby (once again, rent a motor scooter)

Mohamad Chaaban

from Lebanon, November 2017

"Very good training, great instructors !"

Training , accomodation, location


from Indonesia, August 2017

"Can be great if you commit."

The accomodation was peaceful, but wasn't very well explained on the website. The classes are great, and challenging but a week would be too long if you're unfit as you might not be able to do them everyday.

Overall it was a great place and Mike was lovely, such a good trainer.

Melissa Tan

from Singapore,

"Highly recommended for newbies or experienced fighters alike."

We booked as a group of 5 and of the lot, 4 extended the trip and I am booking my flights back - says a lot and I can't wait to go back!!

PRE TRIP: was a breeze. Mike was extremely prompt (and patient!) on emails, we had many changes and he sorted them all.

ROOMS: We took a shared shower non AC room, basic and very decent. Very clean - bathroom and shower cleaned daily, room once a week. These are the gym shower/bathrooms, hot water available. Shower towel and soap provided. Our friends took a private room by the pool with AC and were very pleased.

CLASSES: You could do as many or as few trainings a day, all led by absolute experts in their respective martial arts. I tried out every class on offer and would recommend them all!

EQUIPMENT/STUDIO: We were entirely inexperienced and they sold or had whatever required available for hire (wraps, gloves, etc.). Compared to a couple of other martial arts gyms I've seen, this is really clean, a lady cleaned the mats daily, nothing smelt funky, etc. The pool is a wonderful post-training treat! Washing machine available at a small cost and you need to bring / buy washing powder.

TRAINERS/SKILL LEVELS: Classes were entirely mixed. In each Muay Thai class, there were novices with no idea how hand wraps worked, experienced students and current professional fighters. The trainers would match your activity to skill level and with 2-3 trainers (each with some 400 fights under their belts...), there was a good amount of 1-1 supervision. They corrected moves and took students out for individual padwork sessions as well. The more experienced students would do sparring.

FOOD/NUTRITION: the gym sells all pre and post work out supplements and protein. There are local joints nearby, but I would have been fairly restricted without a scooter (worth noting if you can't ride!). Food options are largely Thai with a few western-ish cafes. Nothing extremely healthy / vegan if that's what you're into and the vegetarians in our group found the choices limiting. There are 7/11s short drives away to stock up on milk / yogurt / basic munchies in the fridges in the gym.

For the cost and quality of the trip, I couldn't fault it if I tried! Thank you Mike Nu Su Nan Will Malik Siggy <3 See all of you soon again!

Laura Caraker

from MA,

"Such an incredible experience!"

I unfortunately only had one week to spend at Combat 360x but If I could have, I would have stayed much longer! It was one of the best decisions I made as a solo traveler. I was able to get fit and meet awesome people from all over the globe, including the trainers themselves who are very experienced and very funny! It feels like everyone there is family. They push you and have you learning fighting skills from the beginning. It is certainly not easy but you feel great afterwards. I would highly recommend it for the gym, the price, the people, and the training. Such an incredible experience!