China Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Instructing Chinese traditional Shao Lin martial arts since 1995, Welcomes trainers learn traditional Chinese all level Kung fu.

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Shi De Xiao

Shi De Xiao, age 60, started training in Kung Fu when he was just 6 years old. Since then he has never been absent from training for even one day in the past 59 years. He is a ninth degree level in Chinese Kung Fu and is a first degree referee of Wushu in China. He has perfect skills in Baji quan series body forms and weapons of spear, sword, staff, broadsword, and Shaolin Qi Gong.

Shi Yan Bo

Shi Yong Bo is excellent master coming out of the Shaolin temple. He won golden plates consecutively for 5 years in China Wushu competition from 2001 to 2005. He has a rich teaching experience of over 10 years being a master of Shao lin kung fu. Many of his students won the championship in the Shaolin routine quan forms competitions. Now, he is serving in the Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy as a ranking 6th degree master, authorized by the China Wushu Association.

Shi Xing Jun

Shi Xing Jun is the 12th generation of Chen style Taiji grandmasters. He is one of the top ten martial arts grandmasters in all of China. Through 20 years of training and teaching Chen style Taiji quan forms; he successfully won the championship in the whole China Taiji quan form competition in 2005.He and his students have obtained many honors in performances and competitions, both domestic and overseas. He was awarded the title of Excellent Master" many times by the superior departments and has been authorized the ranking 7th degree by the China Wushu Association.

Shi Yong Yu

Shi Yong Yu attended the Shaolin temple in 2001, as 33rd Shaolin temple generation and became a student of the Shaolin master, Shi Xing Liang. He gained so many skills in a surprisingly short period of time and soon improved himself as an awesome Shaolin temple fighting monk.

Shi Yan Bo

Shi Yan Bo was trained at the academy for the past 8 years, from age 13. Now he is 21 years old. He is one of the best disciples and trained with Shi De Long, who taught at the academy prior to 2008. He is now at 7th degree level of Shaolin martial arts.

Shi Yan Hao

When Shi Yan Hao was 8 years old, he started learning Shaolin martial arts in the Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy and now has become an excellent assistant under the guidance of his master. Shi Yan Hao also won many championships in domestic martial arts competitions. He is authorized the master ranking of level 5 by the China Wushu Association through his exquisite skills and rich teaching experiences. He is now serving in Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy as a coach of teaching domestic students.

Reviews (2)

Andrew Finlay

from South Korea, May 2018

"Amazing all round"

Was a very friendly place, despite the language barrier within a week I was able to understand what my instructor wanted and my instructed him self was amazing I was able to get to standards I didn’t think I would be able to in short period of time


from Malaysia, January 2018

"A getaway to the martial art academy "

Good instructor

Good remote location which I like it

Transportation pick up at train station and departure is great and on time,

Flexible training schedules,

Snow during winter

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