Instructing Chinese traditional Shao Lin martial arts since 1995, Welcomes trainers learn traditional Chinese all level Kung fu.

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ShunXiao Li

Jianlin Zhang

Qiliang Cui

Qun Song Chang

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Frederique Fernandes

from Thailand, November 2019

"No Taiji, no Qi gong but I ve learned Baiji 🤩"

I came for something special but nothing was there. still I am blessed to have been there for 2 months. I ve learned baiji with this incredible Shifu, I lived with those kids. although they are used to see lot of people, still they included you; even if most of them don't speak English at all. They ll try to talk to you. Food was good (I m vegan) although it's the same every day it's ok, it's delicious.

Classes were perfect , I ve learned so so much in little time. It's a life experience. A true martial arts academy experience far from everything. Go there with open heart and open mind, they are struggling with money because not enough foreigners are there are. What the school and the shifu are doing for the kids there is unbelievable, they give their life to teach them martial art. Some of the Kids are orphan, having poor background family and you can see that giving your money to this school is more a karma act. Be happy and grateful to be there. If you going to all classes, you ll learn so much.