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China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School

China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School is the only Kung Fu training facility authorized by the International Liaison Department of Shaolin Temple to teach Kung Fu.

Instructors 3

Master Shi De Yang

Master Shi De Yang is a 31st generation Shaolin kung fu descendant and the disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Abbot, Great Master Su Xi - the last and only Shaolin Warrior Monk Legend of the 20th century. De Yang is the head coach of the shaolin monks and oversees the kung fu performance team at Shaolin temple He came to the Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kung Fu from a very early age and was selected by Chinese Kung Fu Organizations as the most popular and most respected shaolin master in the China Shaolin Temple.

Master Shi Xing Jun

is a 32nd generation monk of Shaolin Temple. He received the true essence of Shaolin Kung Fu from Shi De Yang, the essence of Zen knowledge from the 30th generation of the Shaolin Temple Abbot Great Master Su Xi, and gained the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu theory from Great Master Shi De Qian, director of Shaolin martial arts books. He is highly skilled at various kinds of fist forms and weapon forms. He also practices many animal styles and internal kung fu, as well as Tai Chi (of Wudang school), Chi kung, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, and meditation.

Master Shi Yan Shun

Master Shi Yan Shun is a 32nd generation monk of Shaolin Temple. He started to learn Kung Fu in Song mountain - at the original Shaolin temple - when he was young. He is 6th band in national martial arts and 7th band in Shaolin martial arts. He has been a Shaolin Kung Fu & Chinese kickboxing master since 2007. He excels in Shaolin combat, sanda (Chinese kick boxing), Shaolin weapons, Shaolin forms, Tai Zu Chang Chuan, Qi Xing Chuan, and Chi Kung.

Testimonials 3

Shay Canada

China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School

I had a great time at the Shaolin Temple School. I found that master very much pushed everyone to their full potential and focused not only on technique, but also the essence and intention behind the forms and movements as well as applications. I feel that finding the essence of the movements of Shaolin Kung Fu was the heart of the training, and I had a very good time pushing myself to find this intention and purpose on the Kung Fu training. I very much appreciated master’s willingness to push people’s abilities and have them learn new movements, techniques and forms, and that they are done properly and correctly. His energy and enthusiasm was inspiring and motivating.Thank you for the passion and love of China Kung Fu. The setting (inside the original Shaolin Temple on Song Mountain) and surroundings were ideal in supporting focused study and dedicated learning.

Lam Morocco

China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School

This is the second time for me to study Kung Fu in China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school. The thing that motivated me was to discover more about Chinese martial arts. My greatest gain from my martial arts training in traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Academy is that I was able to practice real Shaolin Kungfu. The masters, the students, the translator and all the staff helped me and influenced me during my period in the academy. My training was really hard and the atmosphere of the training was amazing. My life in the school was also good because the students in the school help me to live here. The master is great - he pushed me to my limits and created a good atmosphere in the group.

Anton Germany

China Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School

China is the origin of Kung Fu, so I think there is no better place to learn Kung Fu than in China. There are many reasons why I came here, but the most important one is that I love China and I feel at home in China. So why not pick up Kung Fu? My two greatest gains are that I have met so many nice people and made new friends. I also learned to push myself and train hard. The people that helped me the most are the Shaolin warrior monk master, Rachel, and Rinesh. My master is an amazing and great teacher, but he’s also a cool person. Everyone likes him and respects him. During training I always pushed my self because I didn’t want to disappoint him. He helped me to train hard and I also love his son. Rachel is like the heart of the school. She is very nice and a very lovely person. She always tries to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. And if there is a problem you can talk to her. Shaolin Kung Fu Training here is very good, very effective, and exhausting. Time passed very fast. It was awesome.

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