Chikara Kyokushin International

Chikara Kyokushin International, led by Judd Reid, organizes Karate camps so that everyone interested can join and have a good time with their passion.

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Cody Burford

Chikara Kyokushin International website

These last couple weeks have been something else entirely, I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to become an Uchi Deshi under Shihan Judd Reid, over the last 12 days everyone in the camp was pushed to their max and everyone gave 110% in everything. This was such a great camp with so many great people to talk with and learn new techniques, new ideas, and a different culture from. OSU

Vinayak Shetty

Chikara Kyokushin International website

Leaving Thailand to go back home to the family after two weeks as an uchi deshi (live-in student). Has been excellent budo training under Shihan Judd Reid. In some ways, I wish I was 17-18 years old again and could just stay as his uchi deshi for 1000 days to have the true experience..Any how this opportunity came along thankfully and this is the beginning. We are going to do great things together and am waiting for him to visit India and let everybody experience the power of kyokushin karate as he did as a beloved student of Oyama sosai. Osu Shihan, thank you again for this priceless experience.

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