The Cheveyo Training Camp aims to boost your health, physical condition, and performance. They focus in a highly functional training.

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Alberto Galli

from Italy, October 2021

"First training camp experience: couldn't have been better"

This camp gathers enthusiast people who crave to better and challenge themselves and share their experience with like minded others.

Talking about food, being used to eat mostly carbs the first days were a bit of a struggle but it definitely paid off. I left the camp feeling healthier and stronger. Apart from that, the food was delicious and very well cooked.

Also I loved the training sessions both in the forest and on the beach. The instructor was constantly adjusting the load (in terms of weight, reps, etc.) so everyone has the right challenge to overcome.


from Ireland, September 2021

"Life changing experience"

Such an amazing week resetting nutrition to a healthier outlook, strengthening mental resilience, along with all the physical benefits of working out in such beautiful settings. Many people repeatedly attend the camp and it's easy to see why. Casper is an outstanding trainer - and has a remarkable way of making modifications where necessary and managing the various fitness levels in the group, ensuring that everyone is challenged at their own specific level and ability. I will be returning and have recommended to many friends who enjoy a physical challenge, appreciate the great outdoors and would like to improve their approach to nutrition. Being in nature, working out and eating well has been so great for my overall wellbeing, it was also so much fun meeting new people and sharing this brilliant experience.

Eleana Toliou

from Spain, June 2021

"Amazing and memorable experience"

An extremely memorable experience. Casper is very knowledgeable, you can see that he is passionate about what he does and really helps to push us to the edge. There were some very difficult moments but definitely worth the effort. Learnt so much about nutrition, training, pushing our bodies and ended up feeling amazing. The trainings are all so varied and fun and the food is incredible. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to get out of their comfort zone and push themselves while in beautiful surroundings.


from Spain, October 2019

"Good experience"

Great training, delicious food, nice destination

Julie Mclaughlin

from Denmark, September 2019

"Highly prof instructor. Great knowledge and skill."

Casper has a great way of making you push yourself as far as possible. The variety of activities and the food were excellent.

Jameela Almahari

from Spain, September 2019

"This was a life changing experience. Enjoyed every minute."

Training with a highly professional instructor, who will push you to your limit, yet analyses each participant capability. Never thought that my body is capable of handling 3 challenging sessions daily. The food was amazing, healthy yet so yummy. I was addicted to tea and bread. Don't miss that anymore. Left the camp feeling lighter and healthier. Thank you Casper for all your efforts.

Sangi Patel

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Most physically challenging perfect week! "

Sun, sea, sand and fitness! Boxing, yoga, strength training, amazing nutrition, massage, relaxation. This retreat has it all!


from Great Britain, April 2019

"Fantastic "

Casper is great. Fantastic cook and the program he does really works wonders on your body.

Alexandra Charalambous

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Outstanding training! "

This bootcamp takes place in stunning locations including beach and forest. It is extremely challenging but it is also paced at your level. Casper, the trainer, was fantastic, knowledgeable and encouraging. He made sure everyone took part whatever their ability. He prepares all the meals which are also very healthy and tasty.

Malaika Hittmeyer

from Germany, November 2018

"Absolutely perfect 👍🏼‼️ "

The idea of training at different locations and using diversified techniques is a fantastic concept. Add in the dietary aspect of Paleo-based food to increase the training benefit.

Casper is an excellent professional trainer pushing everyone at their level to the limit. On top of that he is a very calm, polite, efficient and knowledgeable educator!

Zahora beach and the entire area are beautiful and quite unspoilt, simply great!

Full marks on all aspects 👍🏼‼️💪🏼😊‼️ Hoping to go back very soon 💪🏼‼️