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9 Days Taichi Chuan Training & Vacation in Taiwan

Taiwan Kung Fu School

Practice Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands. Live and train at Luermenma Temple of Tainan, Taiwan. Study with James Sumarac and special guest instructors. The course will be presenting external and internal workings of the Chen Pan Ling system including some new and exciting material. Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands will be practiced at each session and specialized topics of interest may be available for more advanced practitioners. Explore with us, the oldest city of the island. Experience the rich culture and traditional lifestyle of Tainan.


  • 5 days of training
  • Certificate of participation
  • Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands sessions
  • 2 days sightseeing tour with native born Taiwanese
  • External and internal workings of Chen Pan Ling system
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 8 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


6 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Chen Pan Ling Taichi Chuan Holiday in Taiwan Itinerary


April 5: Arrival of Australian group

April 6: Settling in and training at Temple

April 7: Training at Temple

April 8: Training at Temple

April 9: Training at Temple

April 10: Training at Temple

April 11: Sightseeing

April 12: Sightseeing

April 13: Depart for home (Arriving Melbourne at 14 in the morning for the Australian group)

Kung Fu training styles

Chinese internal Kung Fu helps a person have a fulfilling life.

The underlying philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that man / woman are perceived as multi-dimensional beings, functioning on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In order to achieve and maintain personal balance, one must cultivate harmony in all these areas.

Chinese Internal Arts were developed 1000's of years ago specifically to teach us how to recognize and accept the inevitable challenges presented by the fundamental challenges of everyday life that may disrupt harmony, and teach us how to provide appropriate response. These Arts are taught with patience and spirit, varying degrees of depth are presented, dependent on your level of understanding and skill level.

Human beings have developed thousands of exceptional talents and abilities. With regular practice of Traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu many may be learnt or enhanced to equip you with the skills and knowledge to live a more wholesome and fulfilling life.

Benefits of Chinese Internal Arts

Learn and practice age old breathing techniques to boost cardiovascular and lung function allowing you to feel and look better.

Teaches good posture and creates ability to respond better to physical needs.

Gently strengthens muscles, ligaments and helps bone density.

Excellent for relieving stress, lowers stress hormones and blood pressure.

Assists in digestive function and tones the abdominal area. : Helpful for arthritis and diabetes.

Oxygenates cells and muscles of the body facilitating rejuvenation,vitality and mental clarity

A self-administered therapeutic massage for the internal organs.

Qi will be cultivated and the re-establishment and functional order of the body's primordial and internal Qi will occur, preventing and treating a wide range of common health problems.

Takes only 20 minutes for an enjoyable mind and body workout that will build confidence and enhance personal presence.

A highly rated exercise for prevention of falls in elderly citizens.

Chen Pan Ling Foundation

The Chen Pan Ling International Foundation was established by Chen Yun Ching and James & Shou Mei Sumarac in 2005. All three worked tirelessly, spent 10 years travelling the world together and conducted many International seminars, spreading the authentic teachings of Chen Pan Ling through his son Chen Yun Ching. They produced and translated 3 texts, 15 reference DVD's that encompass almost the entire system of Chen Pan Ling.

In this time Chen Yun Ching, James & Shou Mei have met many wonderful people and made many friends, this has given them great fulfillment and satisfaction, however the Chinese have an expression there is no party without an ending. Due to the recent retirement from teaching of Master Chen Yun Ching, the Chen Pan Ling International Foundation has concluded.

Satisfied that we have achieved our original vision to continue the legacy of traditional Chinese Martial and Healing Arts we feel our mission is now complete. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported this Foundation through participation in events and the purchasing of merchandise that has enabled us to produce this valuable reference material.

James, as the adopted brother of Chen Yun Ching and his constant assistant over the past 10 years has embraced the complete teachings of Grandmaster Chen Pan Lings system and deeply appreciates and is eternally grateful for this honour. James and Shou Mei continue to teach their many students the classical Chinese Martial & Healing Arts both at Wu Lin Retreat in Australia and internationally, as they have done for the past 40 years.


James Sumarac
James Sumarac has been a consummate teacher and practitioner of Martial and Healing Arts for 40 years. He took his first steps on the path of Martial Arts in 1970, firstly studying Judo and Jyu Jitsu. In 1974 traveled to Japan, became an uchi deshi (live in student) for one year under the late master Gogen Yamaguchi, and received his First Dan Black Belt. Now a 7th Dan and Chief Instructor of Goju Ryu Kakurin Kan International, he has continued to research, study and teach Martial and Healing Arts, writing several texts, producing many videos and teaching thousands of students.

Things to do (optional)

Shopping at night markets

Sightseeing at Alisan

Relaxing at hot springs

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