Camp Jansson

Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Camp Jansson is the world’s premier training Camp for martial arts, self defense, fitness, and recreation.

Testimonials 2

  • Robbie

    Camp Jansson website

    Camp Jansson was a whole lot of fun and a great learning experience for me. Before arriving, I just imagined doing a bunch of exercise, training in martial arts and then leaving. I was focused on what I would get out of Camp Jansson and what I would take away with me. The trainers were friendly and knowledgeable and David was always checking on you and asking if you needed anything to make your stay more comfortable.I was a complete beginner and only have a moderate level of fitness but still had a great time and didnt feel out of place. I enjoy pushing myself within my comfort zone and that is what made this camp absolutely shine. I cant wait to come back and hope I can get a few friends to come with me. I didnt expect that I would enjoy it so much, by the end of my stay, I didnt want to leave.

  • Jaime

    Camp Jansson website

    Camp Jansson is a one of a kind training facility located at a rural area where I get to think, analyze and re-evaluate my entire lifestyle as a fighter and a person. The training at the camp is centered around our development not only as a fighter but also as a human being as we learn good habits and not bad habits.Sir David Jansson, the owner and chief instructor instills in us this discipline in order for us to flourish not only as fighters but also as human beings. When I went to Camp Jansson to try out for the team, what we did wasnt a joke or anything sissy. We had to go through all these rigorous old school drills which happened only to be just the warm up. I never experienced these things at the best gyms in Manila.Training at Camp Jansson made me realize the downside of state of the art training facilities in Manila. As I really got pampered by it in the past. During training, my body was already giving up but my mind and mouth says that we are just having fun. Well, at the end of the day, these drills made me a tougher and a more durable fighter. It is my will and heart that made me goes through

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