Beijing International Shaolin Culture

Hebei, China

The Beijing International Shaolin Culture (BISC) specializes in delivering a wide range of authentic Chinese cultural studies.

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  • Matt United Kingdom

    Beijing International Shaolin Culture website, edited

    This is one of the best training experiences I’ve had. I found it to be very different compared to training in England. We were training between six to eight hours a day in the very hot and humid conditions. But it was worth facing the heat because you could see your improvement even after a few days. The format of our training was different every day, one day we’d be training indoors and then the next day we’d be outside training in the mountains. I also got on well with our teachers and we were able to exchange ideas about techniques and different styles; they were very keen to help us. Ultimately, it was hard but very enjoyable and I am looking forward to returning for some more traditional training.

  • Jennifer United Kingdom

    Beijing International Shaolin Culture website, edited

    My training in China was something I will never forget. I loved that we did lots of different Kung Fu styles and I particularly enjoyed learning Tai Chi basics because I didn’t have any experience in it before I went to China. The shifus were all very friendly and they were very accommodating to my interests, if I wanted to try something else, they easily rescheduled my training. The training was hard and I pushed myself every day and when I left, I felt like I had accomplished a lot. Another aspect of the training which I enjoyed was the chance to learn Chinese and the Buddhist studies. This trip was deepened my fascination of Chinese culture and Kung Fu.

  • Eva Luna Marini United Kingdom

    Beijing International Shaolin Culture website

    Absolutely lovely weekend at Tiankai Templ. I got to sleep in the temple, wake up at 4:00 a.m to meditate, watch the sunrise and then hang out with the coolest kid – I really want a little bro like him! Afterwards I attended a few lessons in Buddhism and then I was really honored to meet the head master of the temple who was so kind and gave me a few copies of his book as well as allowing me to ride back with him to Beijing. Biggest thanks to Qiuyue, the others at the temple and Martine shifu for making this possible.

  • Ana Spain

    Beijing International Shaolin Culture website, edited

    I came to practice martial arts for the first time, expecting to learn interesting techniques and to train my strength and stamina while unveiling some of the mystery that Shaolin Kung Fu and the culture behind it held for me - and wasn’t disappointed. As I got better at doing the basic exercises, I was taught to use those for more complex ones and, although I only stayed for a week, I could easily perceive my own improvement by the end of my training, as well as that of my colleagues. At the same time, I could live like the Kung Fu students do, interact with them, eat with them, watch them train, and I was taught about Shaolin history and customs. I’ll definitely return and strongly encourage everyone to come.

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