4 Days Balinese Cultural and Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

  • Balitrees Retreats, Sesandan, Megati, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Traditional Bali Yoga Retreat in Tabanan

Join this retreat for a traditional and unique Balinese yoga, meditation, and Pencak Silat experience. Located will be in the spiritual village, close to Mount Batukaru, in the middle part of Bali island. You will have daily morning Balinese moving and sitting meditation practices, daily afternoon Balinese yoga, and relaxing afternoons to enjoy the environment. You will get close and involve yourself into the Sesandan village community with daily cultural activities.


  • Daily Balinese yoga sessions
  • Daily Balinese Pencak Silat sessions
  • Daily moving and sitting meditation sessions
  • One excursion and daily village cultural activities
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Transfers from and to airport
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • 4 days with instruction
  • English
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During this retreat, you will be staying at Balitrees Retreats. Balitrees Retreats offers an authentic taste of Bali, nestled in a quiet traditional village and surrounded by the rice paddy farmlands of Sesandan village. It is located approximately 45 minutes northwest of Tanah Lot.

Each accommodation at Balinese Traditional Retreat is a private house separated from each other with only one room. Each room is equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, hot and cold shower, refrigerator, 1 android mobile phone, television, terrace, and more. There is also free laundry and free internet access for you to use.

Balitrees Retreats open the access to the one of the oldest spiritual ashram in the world (Pasraman Seruling Dewata), which still conserves the original 13 types of yoga as how it is created thousands of years ago in the Himalayas, as well open the access to learn Traditional Balinese Meditation and 72 original style of Balinese martial arts (Pencak Silat).

Nowadays, these 13 types of original yoga are only available in Mount Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali. As there are many contemporary types of yoga at the moment, Balitrees Retreats is committed to host yoga in their original type. The 13 original types of yoga consist of yoga Surya, yoga Chandra, yoga Siva, yoga Vishnu, yoga Brahma, yoga Isvara, and more. Each type of yoga consists of different type of sequence.

Surya Yoga has 12 types of yoga sequences such as Surya Namaskara, Surya Daryam, Surya Kertalam, Nadwityam Suryam, Surya Arkayam, Surya Khagata, Surya Maricam, Surya Sawitri, Surya Pusne, Surya Bhaskaram, Surya Hiranyagarbha, and Surya Gerhanam.

Yoga Chandra has 16 types of yoga sequences, such as yoga Candra Namaskara, yoga Candra Kirana, yoga Candra Lomawati, yoga Candra Kumari, yoga Candra Mimba, yoga Candra Rekawati, yoga Candra Huta Mahini, yoga Candra Kumula, yoga Candra Satya Wahini, yoga Candra Yumati, yoga Candra Kresna, yoga Candra Rasa Sukisma, yoga Candra Udaya, yoga Candra Gomayika, yoga Candra Asmara, and yoga Candra Gerhanam.

Cakra meditation is one of the most effective methods for minds and body healing and peace. There are seven major cakras controlling humans bodies and minds, such as Cakra Muladara, Manipura, Swadistana, Anahata, Wisuda, Ajna, and cakra Sahasra.

One of the most popular world martial arts legends, Budhi Dharma, with his original style of Kalaripayattu and Kundalini, is well-known for his spiritual trip from India to China. On the way, he stoped in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other places to spread his knowledge of Buddhism. One historical place that he stopped in Indonesia is Mount Batukaru at Tabanan, Bali.

He spent 18 years in Bali to spread Buddhism, as well learning the 72 original style of Balinese Martial Arts (Silat) from the last generation of Silat Arda Chandra lineage master, Ki Goplo. Ki Goplo is the last disciple of Silat Arda Chandra from Seruling Dewata style. Silat Arda Chandra has 12 styles, one of them is Silat Seruling Dewata. Silat Seruling Dewata divided into 72 original styles such us drunken style, tali rasa (Tai Chi), earth and sky style, tiger style, snake, eagle, mantis, crane, monkey, dragon style, and so on.

After mastering all 72 original Balinese silat, at 641 AD Budhi Dharma announced the founding of Silat Seruling Dewata at Mount Batukaru in Tabanan Bali as an independent style, continuing the past Silat Arda Chandra lineage and Budhi Dharma becomes the leader of the first generations. Nowadays, Silat Seruling Dewata is led by Ki Nantra, as the leader of the ninth generations.

A few years after founding Silat Seruling Dewata, Budhi Dharma continued his spiritual trip to spread Buddhism to several places and ended in China. In China, he founded the world famous martial arts style, which is the Shaolin Temple style. After founding Shaolin Temple, Budhi Dharma did not come back to Bali to lead Seruling Dewata, but prefers to handover it to his disciple, the second leader which are the twin master Ki Mudra and Ki Madra.

Daily itinerary

Day 1

  • 14:00 Arrival
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Afternoon Balinese yoga session

Day 2

  • 07:00 - 09:00 Morning Balinese Pencak Silat, moving meditation (Tali Rasa/Tai Chi), and sitting meditation (mudra and mantra) session
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Village cultural activities
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Afternoon Balinese yoga session

Day 3

  • 07:00 - 09:00 Morning Balinese Pencak Silat, moving meditation (Tali Rasa/Tai Chi), and sitting meditation (mudra and mantra) session
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Village cultural activities
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Afternoon Balinese yoga session

Day 4

  • 07:00 - 09:00 Morning Balinese Pencak Silat, moving meditation (Tali Rasa/Tai Chi), and sitting meditation (mudra and mantra) session
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Village cultural activities
  • 13:00 Departure

One tour to a place of interest around Bali will be arranged upon request and at extra charge.

Balitrees Retreats is located at Sesandan, Megati, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. It is close to Mount Batukaru, about 45 minutes from Tanah Lot and one and a half hours from the airport.

During the retreat, you will be served three daily meals, most of them based in Balinese cuisine. Meals will be mostly vegetarian. There is also an original Indonesian cuisine, a favorite for most guests. Tea, coffee, juices, water, and snacks will also be available.

  • Attend village's ceremonial event
  • Experience rice farming activities in Sesandan village
  • Go to Balinese music class (gamelan)
  • Go trekking around the village
  • Take Balinese cooking class
  • Take Balinese Hindu preparation class (making canang, kelatkat, etc)
  • Take Balinese traditional making oil class
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily afternoon Balinese yoga session
  • Daily morning Balinese Pencak Silat sessions
  • Daily morning Balinese moving meditation (Tali Rasa, Tai Chi) and sitting meditation (mudra and mantra) sessions
  • Daily vegetarian meals, snacks, tea and coffee, water, and juices
  • Internet access
  • Laundry
  • One time tour to a place of interest in Bali
  • Additional requested activities
  • Additional requested meals and drinks
  • Airfare
  • Arrival visa
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Balitrees Retreats will pick you up from the airport.

Verified BookMartialArts.com reviews

  • E
    Review by Eleanor Purvis from Indonesia

    A blissful retreat

    CONS Cons: Very little, Adi and his team have thought of everything. To note, a few locals do take photos/video of you without asking permission first. I know most people don't mind this but it makes me feel a tad uncomfortable.

    PROS Pros: Adi and his family were wonderful hosts. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations. Where do I start. The setting of the retreat is in a very rural village. You couldn't get more remote if you tried. Rice terraces, coconut and banana trees. A tropical paradise. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The meals prepared were simple but extremely tasty. Fresh fruit was always on offer. Meditation and Balinese Tai Chi class every morning. Perfect routines to clear your mind. The afternoon session were yoga focussed. All my instructors were excellent. They tailor the routines to suit my needs. My classes involved a lot of hamstring stretches and back bends. As only 4 guests can stay at one time you receive great personal tuition. I had a day of 1-2-1 classes. You become a member of the family very quickly. Everyone is so friendly. Cultural exchange. Everyday there is an opportunity to take part in a cultural activity. Watching the sunrise, oil making, preparing a Balinese meal, a session with the local medicine man, crafting offerings/blessings. I enjoyed everything I did on the retreat. If you are looking for a relaxing few days, in a beautiful setting and a family environment look no further.

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you so much Ellie, for your overall excellent impression. Looking forward to wellcome you back in the future.

    2017-Jun-28 00:23:26

  • M
    Review by Monique B√ľker from Australia

    Wonderful culture and yoga experience

    CONS Cons: - As I was the only guest, I ate my meals alone. I did not enjoy that too much.

    PROS Pros: I booked a 4 nights yoga retreat at Balitrees. What I received was so much more than I hoped for :) Mr Adi ( the owner of the place) has been extremely welcoming and happy to share his knowledge about the balinese culture with me. I was the only one staying at this wonderful village. I already miss all inhabitants and hope that I can come back at some point. Everyday I visited another family and did and got to know something different about the balinese culture. The accommodation is great! The beds are comfy... The food is balinese and good. I was lucky to be be the only student in the yoga classes. As I was a beginner, I really enjoyed this. I am sure this is one of the - if not the - most authentic balinese cultural experience. I wish Mr Adi success with his relatively new business.

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you so much for everything Monique, wish to see you back again in the future.

    2017-Jun-20 05:30:15

  • L
    Review by Luciana Rossini from United Arab Emirates

    The best experiencie for body and soul that I've had

    PROS Pros: I went to this retreat looking for yoga and meditation, and some relax. What happened those days is more that what I can tell just with words. I came back home feeling happier and really thankful. Mr. Adi is waiting for you at the airport and bring you to the Village. From then on you enter in a new world, all the people I met, all theirs traditions, their kindness, their humble way of living, made me be in real contact with my inner self and realize what is really important in life. I was the only 'tourist' in the village, the families around opened their doors an their hearts to me. You need to experience this. The whole retreat exceeded my expectations, the food they cooked was simply amazing, the room was clean and nice, the bed comfy, I couldn't ask for more.

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you very much for all your kindness, Luciana. We really hoping to see you back again in our village.

    2017-Jun-13 10:51:04

  • K
    Review by Anonymous

    A Beautiful, Cultural Experience

    CONS Cons: •nothing. All was good •great for beginners of yoga and meditation; maybe not for those experienced

    PROS Pros: •family owned! It is very village oriented and your interactions with locals is unlike most places in Bali •beautiful and very clean rooms •activities were interesting and educational; it was nice to leave feeling like I learned a bit about Balinese life •small group was nice; very unlike the large, crowded retreats around •more of a cultural experience with a bit of yoga

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    7.5 Food
    10 Location
    7.5 Quality of activity
    7.5 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you very much for the reviews. Your feedback are very important for us to learn in order to improve our retreats quality for the future.

    2017-Jun-02 13:38:31

  • M
    Review by Mijke Brugman from Indonesia

    Highly reconmended

    PROS Pros: It was a great experience, way better then i expected! Adi (the owner) is really nice, going out of his way to make you feel comfortable and make sure your wishes are fullfilled. He even helpt me with my visa extention! The room is nice as well, its clean and everything you need is provided. The rest of the staff is also lovely! The're very friendly, cook amazing meals, clean your room and even do laundry. The lessons are nice and there are also several activities provided. But there is also enough 'me-time', if you want. Overall, i had a great time!

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you so much Mijke, we really hoping to welcome you back in our village again in the future.

    2017-May-31 12:33:17

  • N
    Review by Nava Bastani from India

    Beautiful retreat in real Bali

    PROS Pros: Adi's and his family took such wonderful care of us while we were at his village. We did yoga in the morning and Talia Rossi which is the Balinese equivalent of tai chi and we did short meditation's. The food was delicious and prepare daily by his family. The daily cultural events which happened around the village in neighbors homes was a real treat and something I deeply treasured. The location is very beautiful and out of the regular tourist areas so that you feel like you're in the real Bali. I would recommend you spending an extra night and doing the tour with Adi, he takes you to a lovely temple, Hot Springs and the beach as well as lunch at his family's café in Tabanan. This is more like a cultural retreat where you get the best of all worlds. Very good for beginners .

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you so much Nava, for your excelent reviews. Looking forward to welcome you back to our family and our village.

    2017-May-29 12:19:25

  • W
    Review by Willem Beijen from Vietnam

    The real traditional bali life

    CONS Cons: The organisation of the activities wasnt the best but Adi just opened the retreat so some finetunning was expected.

    PROS Pros: I had a really good time at balitrees. The freedom to make my own choises for what program i prefered where really nice. All the activities with the local people of the village where really fun an gave a good insight of traditional bali life. Everybody was very was super helpfull and friendly. I learned alot and made many new friends.

    7.5 Value for money
    7.5 Accommodation & facilities
    7.5 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Thank you so much Willem for your reviews. This will be very much usefull for us to improve our retreats in the future.

    2017-May-20 02:16:12

Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Balitrees Retreats hosts yoga retreats, meditation, Silat martial arts, healing, spiritual, and cultural holidays.

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