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Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Balitrees Retreats hosts Balinese Watukaru Yoga Style retreats, Balinese Original meditation, Silat martial arts, healing, spiritual, and cultural holidays.

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Great 9.6/10

Based on 67 reviews
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Great 9.6/10

Based on 67 reviews

Reviews 67

  • Amanda Robinson Indonesia

    December 2017, BookMartialArts

    The retreat was well organised, I was greeted by Ray one of the team members in an agreed location in Tabanan.

    Is was moved to accommodation close to the yoga studio. It was in the middle of a beautiful rice field in a very peaceful location.

    All meals provided where delicious local Balinese food made by the lovely Rhiana and Dewi who looked after me very well.

    Another retreat member was at another location, I went to her accommodation D'umadhatu and had an equally delicious meal there too.

    The yoga classes where provided by Kutut and Adi who shared their great skills in yoga and meditation.

    In the evenings we where kept busy by meeting local villagers who kindly invited us into their homes to share their cultural experiences with us.

    We also went on trips around the local area, paid our own entrance fees which was completely reasonable.

    I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to see a part of Bali relatively untouched to tourism. It does have the glamour of yoga studios in Ubud, but it does have a feeling of warmth and community spirit which is endearing.

    Nothing, other than there was only one English tv channel lol! Adi however, kindly lent me his laptop to watch a film.

  • Mia Puekker Indonesia

    December 2017, BookMartialArts

    The team !

    Adi: always willing to create great aktivitys

    Rhiana & Arta: With big heart and lovely humor and making great food

    Ketut : Our cunning and wonderfull yoga teacher she gave us so much.

    Nang: Taking us to activities vid big heart and smile .

    Ray: Great driver with a big smile

    And a big thanks to the community for their big welcome

    Non !!!

  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookMartialArts

    It were great 5 days I spent at Balitrees. The whole crew is just too lovely and the group of fellow „Yogis“ was amazing, too.

    There were so many activities, I don‘t even know where to begin. Just to name a few favouritve memories, there was a bicycle tour to the beach with an amazing sunset, visiting many villagers, some of them showed us how they make coconut oil, we cooked delicious pastery, tried the handicraft of making offerings, had the chance to try Gamelan... just amazing experiences !

    Twice a day there were Yoga and Meditation classes, which were very interesting.

    The food was very good, you won‘t be hungry, three big meals a day !

    The housing was beautiful and sourrounded by beautiful garden and landscape, too.

    All in all, it was just a perfect experience I can highly recommend.

    The Yoga classes are a little bit different in teaching from what I am used to – it was not bad, but I think sometimes I missed alternative beginners introductions for Asanas, for example if you don‘t reach the floor with your head yet.

    I in person prefer accepting the limits of my bodies and see what I can do with my body in its temporary form rather than pushing it a lot – but this is just my personal taste, the Yoga lessons were nice anyway AND I am glad to have experienced that the Balinese style of Yoga really seems to differ from the styles I know. So, very authentic, I shouldn‘t complain, because this means more to me than to have Yoga classes I could have at home every day.

  • Michelle Chua United States

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    Authenticity of the experience and people

  • Jacqueline Mahedy Indonesia

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    Everything about the retreat was perfect. From the moment I was picked up to the moment I was dropped off was skillfully planned to include both yoga, meditation and cultural activities I would have never been able to experience had I not been there.


  • Jessika Lessard-voisard New Caledonia

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    La beauté des lieux, la gentillesse de tout l'équipe, la diversité des activités, la qualité des cours de yoga, l'ouverture d'esprit de l'équipe, la localisation de l'endroit (le village est charmant), la qualité de la nourriture.

    Rien ne m'a déçu, j'ai adoré mon séjour!

  • Agustin De La Parta Australia

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    To be part of the village for a couple of days. Learning about how they live, and by yoga and meditation reach a great peace/relaxation state.

  • Stacey Lewis Australia

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    Yoga on the beach & daily yoga were both very peaceful locations. The food was amazing we looked forward to every meal. The staff were very lovely. Accommodation was upgraded free of charge.

  • Celine Krone Indonesia

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    I loved to finally get out of the tourist areas and see Bali for real. In the little village everyone was so kind to us and knew Mr Adi's retreat. It was so fun to see traditional balinese yoga, kitchen and houses. Also i found it so great that we were only 2-4 guests at a time so we really could get to know the staff, who were always so happy and fun.

    Although i really learned from the traditional yoga, it was not really what i expected. If you are in for a sweaty fatburning workout, this is not the retreat for that. Come open minded and you might learn great things for life back home.

  • Clarence Nihon He Indonesia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Mon séjour à Sesandan fut exceptionnel. Mr Adi prend extrêmement bien soin de ses guests et on se sent super bien accueilli, entouré et écouté tout au long du séjour. Le moindre petit souci est vite résolu. Les gens de Balitrees et du village sont toujours souriants et bien veillants. Mon hébergement était à 500 mètres du site mais dès que je voulais y retourner pour m’y reposer quelqu’un était disponible pour m’y reconduire...même si la marche jusque là était magnifique (mais un peu trop chaud entre 11h et 15h). L’ambiance du lieu et du village est très zen et simple. Les activités chouettes, magnifique spectacle balinais un soir juste pour nous (nous étions seulement 4). J’ai beaucoup aimé vivre là et découvrir la vrai vie de ces balinais sur place! Om swamstiastu! Suksuma ?

    Rien! Le cours de yoga avec certains profs était cependant plus « advanced » que «beginners »..,.moi j’ai bien aimé le cours plus « débutant » et explicatif de ce yoga balinais et des traditions qui l’accompagnent.

  • Fatou Sow United States

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    I just spent 5 unforgettable days at Balitrees retreats in magnificent Sesandan village. I will never forget this incredible experience : living with the inhabitants and enjoying traditional activities with them, doing Balinese meditation and yoga (very traditional, not western adapted at all) and learning the process of rice cultivation. I don't think you can find that kind of enlightening retreats easily! I really recommend it to anybody who would be interested in a real body and mind healing. Thank you Adi, his team and the whole village!

    Not staying longer :)

  • Emily Collins Thailand

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    There's really nothing to dislike about a Balitrees retreat! The staff alone make this a truly incredible and unbelievable experience. Not only is Adi and excellent host, but his staff, Dewi and Rhianna, make sure that your every need is attended to- from the daily activities they help to coordinate to the delicious meals they serve. Everyone at Balitrees (including the neighbors!) is warmly welcoming and make you feel 100% at home from the moment you arrive.

    The location is another major plus. Balitrees is set in a quaint, traditional Balinese village where you'll be welcomed to participate in the daily life there. The yoga pavilion overlooks lush rice terraces, which is a wonderfully peaceful place to practice.

    Balitrees has an inclusive vibe and is in no means a yoga "bootcamp". Participants of all skill level, even first timers, will feel comfortable there at they tailor the experience to your particular abilities and goals.

    I strongly recommend attending a retreat at Balusters Retreats. I found it to be an incredibly restorative experience that far exceeded my expectations. I hope to return within the year!

    Nothing! It can get a little buggy at night or before it rains, but that's to be expected for anywhere in Bali.

  • Criostal Mulroy Australia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Le lieu

    Les gens étaient très gentils et attentifs

    Le personnel fait en sorte qu'on sois tous a l'aise et nous arrange sur le transport

    La nourriture n'était pas varié

    Les activités n'était pas à heure fixe

  • Megan Ray Indonesia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Adi is a fantastic host. He is so welcoming and thoughtful always taliloring the experience to your desires. The setting is very relaxing surrounded by rice fields and the sounds of nature and running water. Dewi and Rihanna feed you three delicious meals a day that they cook fresh and are so fun and friendly. I loved doing yoga and working on my meditation in the open air yoga studio with views of the rice fields. Most of all I enjoyed learning about Bali villiage life, getting to participate in some of it, and getting my incessant questions answered about everything I’d been curious about since coming to Bali. Thanks Balitrees team!!!

  • Juulia Vekkila Sweden

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    I liked everything. The small village is so beatiful and all people are so lovely, funny and friendly. They do anyting to make sure you will enjoy your time. During the yoga sessions you can admire the view of rise fields. It is so peaceful there. I liked this balinese yoga very much and would recommend this especially for beginners, like I was. Mr. Adi will plan all kind of activities for day- and night time and you can take part of those if you want. I really recommend to do that because you will meet amazing people and get to know real balinese culture. Your accomodation is around the nature so nature might come into your room too, be prepared. But it is not too bad and it really shouldn't be a reason why not to go there. I had a 5 days yoga retreat and could've stay longer. One of the best things where I have spent money. This place really took a piece of my heart and exceeded my expectations. I definately will come back some day.

  • Jeanine Hurte Germany

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Bali retreats is everything you can imagine. Located close to a big rice fields in a very small village. It's silent and just beautiful.

    Very tasty and healthy Balinese Food.

    For me this was a very traditional retreat that also let me experience balinese culture.

  • Risette Hoekwater Indonesia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Zonder verwachtingen ben ik deze zgn. retraite ingegaan. Ik heb amper yoga ervaring en zou wel zien hoe dit was. In een woord GE-WEL-DIG. Alles was perfect. De ligging, de mensen, het eten en de lessen. Alles gebeurt in overleg. De lessen werden op jouw wensen afgesteld. Ook werd de freetime opgevuld met leuke uitstapjes. Die je kostenloos kon meedoen als je wilde. Als je niet wilde, was dat geen probleem. Het was peacefull en zeker een aanrader. Mede doordat het zo kleinschalig is, is het heel intiem en persoonlijk!

    Ik zat in een huisje aan de side area. Wat echt een perfect en heel mooi onderkomen was. Echter de spinnen en de mega hagedis (echt groot!!! ) die opeens in mn kamer zat vond ik echt niet tof! Gelukkig kon ik uitwijken naar een shared room in de mainarea want ik durfde er niet meer te slapen.....

  • Iuliia Surovegina United States

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    This place brought me back to life after a difficult half a year and many problems with my health. I did not want to leave and I'm already thinking of when I can come back. It's so much more than just yoga and meditation. You really emerge into Balinese culture and see it through the eyes of local villagers who are extremely friendly and hospitable. You can find peace and quiet here in what is considered one of the most touristy places on Earth - Bali. The nature surrounding you is gorgeous and definitely has its own role of settling peace inside you. People who I've met there are so kind and radiant and do everything possible to make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing. Adi didn't have any schedule but improvised every day and gave us as much freedom as we wanted which was much better than I expected. Thank you so much for such a great experience!!!

    I personally realized that yoga asanas are not my cup of tea for now but thanks to Adi I discovered a new direction for me which is Tai Chi and I absolutely loved it. You should asked him to teach you if you still don't know what it is.

  • Joana Delgado Australia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    I stayed in Balitrees retreat for 5 nights. Adi is the organiser of the Retreat and his family and friends help with all the activities, food and yoga.

    My experience in Balitrees was wonderful and I just wished I could have stayed longer.

    With me there were a few more people which made the whole experience even better.

    I improved my yoga skills but I could also learn a bit of Tai Chi with the beautiful surroundings of the rice fields.

    Having a local Balinese experience was also one of the best things of the retreat. I did cooking classes, had a healing massage, learnt how to make offerings, did good walkings to know the area and see the temples of the village and also went to Tanah Lot temple.

    The food was also delicious and traditional with options of vegetarian or not.

  • Maria Shatalova China

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Everything! The staff and even all the villagers were amazing. They make you feel like a part of their family. They are extremely helpful and always try to meet any requests you have. The home cooked food was very delicious and healthy. The accommodation exceeded all our new expectations.we never expected to find so much comfort amid rice paddies. And most importantly, it was a very spiritual experience. We learned a lot about mantra and mudra meditation, pranayama and spiritual aspects of yoga they don't teach in yoga classes we are all used to. Hoping to come for level 2

  • Romy Janssen Indonesia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Iedereen van het (Engelssprekend!) personeel kende je direct bij naam. De groep is kleinschalig. De accomodatie was luxe en goed voorzien. De omgeving is prachtig om te wandelen. Je bent de enige toerist/buitenlander in het dorp waar iedereen zo goed mogelijk Engels probeert te praten. Je bent onderdeel van hun community als je dat wilt en kunt deelnemen aan al hun dagelijkse activiteiten. Verrassend geweldige ervaring!

  • Tiziana Caprino Indonesia

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    If you are looking for a slice of "real Bali", don't miss this beautiful place! The owner Adi gives you the chance to see into traditional Balinese Yoga and Meditation and also a little bit into Balinese Culture (like traditional balinese music and dance). The location is surrounded by rice fields and it's the perfect place to calm down and find peace. The people there are very heartwarming and after a couple of days

    you will become part of the small village. You will get invited into neighbours houses for preparing meals (by the way: the food is very yummi) , making Hindu offerings or just for having a chat...

    This Retreat was one of the best things I have ever done and I felt really welcome! I am very grateful for this experience and I hope that Adi will maintain this Retreat. Thanks for everything!

  • Andrew Nance United States

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Balitrees Retreats was hands down the most serene experience I have ever had. It surpassed all of my expectations tenfold. Looking around at all of the splendor surrounding me during my first yoga and mediation session I asked myself if I had stumbled into heaven by mistake. Rice terraces, butterflies and sunshine; this place is truly paradise.

    The only tourists in the village are the ones staying at the retreat so you really have the opportunity to submerge yourself in culture and relaxation. The daily village activities are very enriching and provide an authentic look into the village life of Sesandan and the Balinese way. The food was tasty and there was always plenty of it, I once asked for some coconut juice and someone kindly climbed a tree and plucked a fresh coconut for me to drink-it was delicious!

    Mr. Adi and his team were very accommodating throughout my entire stay there. I am very much looking forward to my return and highly recommend anyone looking for relaxation in Bali to experience this.

  • Sarah Brock Brunei

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    A different style of yoga and a great introduction to meditation and a variety of Balinese cultural activities; all in a serene setting. Adi and his staff were very welcoming and hospitable; especially going over and above to provide transport to/from the retreat and for any alternative day trips. I was humbled by the warmth and connection between local community members in their joined efforts to make visitors welcome and also in their day to day lives. Such a refreshing change compared to many other cultures!

    Ketut the yoga teacher gets a special mention for her desire to learn and note at least 2 new English words per day and constantly develop her yoga practice; leaving many of us in awe at her ability to achieve advanced asanas!


  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Staying at Balitrees was a fantastic and unique experience that I'd highly recommend to others! Thanks to Adi, Ketut, the Balitrees staff and the local village for the wonderful hospitality!

  • Rebecca Li Australia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    Mr Adi was a very knowledgeable and hospitable man. He shared all his wealth of knowledge about yoga and the local community and made a great effort to ensure my comfort during the stay. He was communicative up until the moment I arrived, always accommodating to my needs including pick locations. Excellent food, hot showers, clean rooms, wifi and yoga lessons. I enjoyed a music class, cooking lesson and tradition massage session during my stay, all part of the retreats package. Riana, Rai, Didi, Kutuk and Devi were so wonderful with providing outstanding service and I felt part of a family. Thankyou! I will return for longer next time so that I can enjoy the rice fields, helping the locals and doing yoga with Adi as the instructor.

  • Johanna Gutenberg Denmark

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    I am extremely grateful for the experiences I made at Balitrees Retreat, as I feel I got the chance to experience the real Balinese lifestyle! I have spent 14 days there and it is one of the quietest and peaceful places to practice traditional Balinese yoga, meditation, and the Balinese culture! Adi, the owner, and his staff do their very best to make their guest feel welcome, comfortable and integrate them into the village life. The villagers are genuinely nice people and enjoy your company.

    The rooms are clean, the food is delicious and the activities included in the programme (Balinese cooking class, yoga at the beach, healing massage and much more) which are daily offered are priceless!

    Nothing to moan about!

  • Alex Binet Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    All the staffs are really friendly and ready to help you for all your need. The activities are numerous and instructive. The Balines food is amazing and with good quantity. The village by it self is really peacful and relax. The perfect spot to discover Balinese culture and practice yoga. I definitely go back there but for longer next time.

  • Andre Damian Great Britain

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    Escape your every day stresses and come to the lovely village of Sesandan Megati in Tabanan. The Balitrees meditation and yoga experience is magical, as you will be in a truly beautiful and inspiring environment, surrounded by positive people and the kind - always smiling - people of Sesandan.

    Adi and his staff do an excellent job of creating the best possible experience for you. Every day you will be presented with new opportunities to grow in meditation, yoga, to learn from Hindu culture should you wish, and to engage with the local community at Sesandan.

    The programme is flexible, and tailored to the individual needs and wants of its participants. Your happiness and satisfaction is the staff's #1 priority - I felt very appreciated and taken care of during my stay. They really go above and beyond to help you. I am very happy with the warmth and pure joy and kindness of every staff member and I can honestly say I've experienced the customer experience has been one of the best I've ever had so far.

    Besides getting better at yoga and meditation, a very unique aspect of this programme is the opportunity to see the real Balinese life. The people of Sesandan are extremely welcoming - a genuine kindness that you could never dream of in touristic places like Kuta or Ubud. The Sesandan community wants to welcome travellers from all walks of life and backgrounds, and will be here to give you a warm welcome.

    Don't wait and start discovering this hidden gem in Bali ASAP!

  • Tammy Leung Hong Kong

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    In this place, you rest and they take care of everything. You live in the village. You practice yoga and meditation twice a day. Adi arranges activities like trekking after the practice. Sometimes you have chance to attend a village event like a wedding. Food is simple and authentic.

    Nothing. A lot of us extended our stay because it was so nice here.

  • Aleksandra Slesareva Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    I met a lot of great balinese people in Balitrees and Sesandan village, also made friends with other tourist coming to the reatreat. Apart from yoga we made a lot of nice activities like music class, making coconut oil, hindu offerings, cooking, ceremonies, kite festival, visited traditional healer . The place is very beautiful surrounded by rice terraces. It is very relaxing and peacful and I like how the retreat is organized! You have a lot of activies every day ! Ketut and Adi are great yoga instructors, they teach more spiritual yoga than in some western resorts. And the weather is not so hot as at the beach, just perfect for practicing yoga and walk around.

  • Danielle Lydamore-prasad New Zealand

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    If you’re looking for a family away from home, a place to meet kindred spirits, experience authentic Balinese culture or somewhere to strengthen your yoga and spiritual practices - then this is the place for you.

    The wonderful people of this village will invite you into their homes, share their amazing stories and ultimately go out of their way to make sure you’re enjoying your stay.

    There is something truly unique, genuine and magical about Balitrees and I would encourage anyone looking to reconnect with themselves and other likeminded people to stay here.

    Thank you so much for everything, I can't imagine it will be too long before I visit again :)

    Impossible to fault.

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    Balitrees is the perfect retreat. The people are so freindly and Adi goes out of his way to ensure your stay is enjoyable. Yoga and meditation are really good quality. Took the longest trek around the village and the scenery was amazing. I just wish could have stayed longer.

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    The people there were all super lovely and did everything for us to have a great stay. The location and landscape was also really beautiful. The yoga sessions were nice.

  • Phaileng Gan Malaysia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    1st thing is the people. From the moment I arrived at the airport, Rai and DeDe took good care of me. They even prepared cold drink and welcome snack for me in the car. As it has past lunch hour in the retreat, they brought me to a small "warung" to have lunch. The nasi goreng was yummy and I really like the drink that they specially ordered for me "Deluman", which is a type of jelly made from a type of leave.

    All the other staff that I met in the resort were also super friendly and helpful, Dewi, Lyana, Ayu.... and everyone in the village. I also miss my little friend Dodok, Dica, Aimi.... whom have made my stay in Balitree feel at home.

    Food prepared by the retreat was always yummy and the portion is very generous. I also love the local coffee that they serve.

    The yoga and meditation session. Ketut the instructor was very patient. She always explained every pose in details and shared the benefit. She is more excited than us to see our progress. I also like the meditation session by Adi. I find his session easier to follow as compared with some meditation that I have tried before.

    The activities arranged for us were also amazing. We have visited a local primary school, got a great massage from a healer, attended coconut oil making session, visited local market, tracking in the village, fishing with the kids and got to participate in the once a year Kite Festival at Tanah Lot. All at no additional charge.

    Welldone Adi and team! I will surely go back again!

    The water pressure in the bathroom is too low.

  • Sarah Wong Singapore

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    I loved many things but what I loved most was how Adi and his team made me feel so welcome throughout my stay. They are a sincere bunch who always try to meet your personalised needs as much as possible. It is a great place to book if you are looking into an authentic village experience.

    Perhaps the many spiders and insects around but hey that's part of nature.

  • Erika Massia Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    That place is a real paradise. I really enjoyed every moment, the village, the people, the different focus of yoga on the tradional balinese school...Teachers are so passionate and patient and the landscape just a treasure!

  • Kelsey Hatchitt Singapore

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    The location of the retreat is so ideal - after traveling to Ubud after the retreat I immediately missed the quiet of the village and the bungalow. The location for yoga was also perfect, an open aired bungalow overlooking the rice field. For those who are looking for a retreat away from the tourists and haggling of Ubud and other larger towns, this is perfect for you. The staff and people of the village are also so sweet - we loved getting to know Dewi and Rihanna and the rest of the people. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, the perfect place to relax. Also, the food was fabulous. There is enough variety each day that you never get tired of the food, in fact it's difficult to stop eating it.

    I was disappointed in the yoga aspect of the retreat. The style is different from what I practice in the US and on my home, which is to be expected as it's Traditional Balinese Yoga. However, I feel as though the emphasis and time spent on yoga was not enough. I would have gladly had three sessions of yoga each day amounting to 6 hours because my expectation was that the day filled with yoga. I liked learning about the meditation and different practice of yoga in Bali but I wish we would have done more of a practice rather than 15 poses and then being finished.

  • Chloe Soula Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    Par ou commencer .. j'ai tout aimé ! A commencer par l'endroit qui est absolument somptueux, relaxant, apaisant, au milieux des rizières et loin des lieux touristiques. J'ai adoré le village dans lequel se situe la retraite! Les gens sont d'une gentillesse exceptionnelle et nous accueillent à bras ouverts. On a vraiment l'impression de faire partie intégrante du village ce qui nous permet de découvrir vraiment leur culture.

    La nourriture est aussi excellente ! On s'est vraiment régalés à tous les repas !

    Je suis débutante en yoga et jai vraiment aimé les cours qui m'ont appris beaucoup et m'ont donne envie de continuer à pratiquer le yoga une fois rentrée en france. Deux fois par jours nous avions des activités de découvertes de la culture balinaise toutes plus intéressantes les unes que les autres !

    Adi a été à notre écoute tout au long du séjour et a tout fait pour satisfaire nos envies ce qui était vraiment appréciable.

    En conclusion : ne vous posez pas de questions, foncez vous ne serez pas déçu !


  • Jennifer Young Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    1. Being welcomed into the BaliTrees family: you get to know the villagers on a first name basis and they really look after you and care for you :)

    2. If there were any issues, they were looked after in a speedy manner. For example, I experienced some PMS pains and cravings, so Adi's family members went out to the local town to get me pain killers and some chocolate. Amazing!

    3. Learning about authentic Balinese yoga and Balinese culture - great to compare the style with my usual practice and to learn from kind, local Balinese people about their daily village life (making offerings, dancing, cooking, massage etc)

    4. The food was amazing

    5. Being surrounded by beautiful nature: coconut trees (the coconuts were delicious to drink from at lunch time!!), rice fields and fresh air

    6. The communication between the host (Adi) and his helpful team was great. They ensured I knew where to go, where to be dropped off at etc.

  • Ines Oliver Australia

    September 2017, BookMartialArts

    Beautiful place, and everyone in the village is so nice'!!! Everyone try to make you feel comfortable and at home.

    Really nice experience.

  • Josefin Rönnerfjäll Norway

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Absolutely loved this place! Could go on and on, but Ill try to make it short.

    The location is wonderful, quiet on a hillside overlooking green ricefields. The staff is super nice and the food was delicious! I was a bit sceptical due to a review about the food, but I loved it! Adi arranged so we could participate in cooking lunch, which was good cause now I have recipes to use back home:)

    The yoga was better than I thought. Really loved the sunset and moon salutations (even though I thought my back wouldnt), but you got into it really fast and I started to look forward to them. Great overall workout and fokus on meditation.

    You have a wide range of activities to choose from as well, or you can just relax on the patio. Adi took us into town after a beach yoga session and bought us dinner, that was really nice!

    I really really recommed going here!

    Sometimes the breakfast only consisted of sweet things. But thats the only small negative thing I can write cause everything else was so great!

  • Emiliana Corrado China

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    The family feeling was the thing that I enjoyed the most! Everyone was so kind and helpful and I couldn't feel more welcome.. I really felt chance to experience in some way Balinese culture and traditions even if my stay was not long enough.. The activities were very interesting plus Adi the owner always tried to.satisfy our requests. teacher Ketut was so nice, and even if balinese yoga style is quite different from what I had practiced before I liked the different insight on the practice! And we experienced different ways to try and connect with our inner self, relax and begin our soul healing practice... And last but not least, going there by myself I was very lucky to share my stay with Sarah and Raman, two wonderful girls and adventure companions! ! I really spent a wonderful time, and brought back home wonderful memories.. Thank you very much! Ps They also bought a cake for me as a surprise for my birthday! Best birthday ever! I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you?

    The only thing I would suggest is a more active cooking class, I love cooking very much I would have liked to spend more time in the kitchen maybe cooking dishes from scratch.. But I still enjoyed our time in the kitchen.

  • Stefanie Wurm Austria

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    I had a wonderful time at Balitrees - this retreat was definitely a highlight of my trip to Bali. I can recommend this truly authentic experience to anyone who wants to learn about traditional balinese yoga in a quiet, peaceful and relaxing setting. You will meet the friendliest locals, who will teach you everything you want to know about their culture and traditions. When I did the retreat, we were only 5-8 guests and no other tourists around - what a wonderful experience. I already miss the home-cooked food and waking up surrounded by beautiful rice terraces.

    There was nothing I didn't like - everything was wonderful. I just wouldnt recommend this place to anyone looking for a luxuory resort and who cannot stand a very quiet place.

  • Raman Kaur Singapore

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    1. Serene location

    2. Friendly and light hearted hosts

    3. Value for money

  • Yulia Tartachnyk Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Well I have to say it was big surprise !

    While most of yoga retreats offering spa but not yoga for abnormal amount of money we decided to try out Bali tree .

    From the first moment when we drive closer to area I knew it Was right choice. We have been in Bali for second time and I can confidently say That only in middle of the island ( and I don't speak about Ubud) u can feel real Balinese culture . This place lost in jungle and it is magic of it. U can see wonderful rice terraces without any single tourist around. You will feel as part of the community. I am disagreeing with previous comments saying it is for beginners ( if you seeking just sport it is not for you) It is just different! -Spiritual , deep, beneficial for body and soul. Also You can always push your body further if u willing to. Mr.Adi introduce us Thai Chi as he practices it for very long time. Apart of daily yoga and meditation classes there was lots of cultural activities what helps to understand Balinese culture better: dance, music , rice cultivation, Hindu ceremonies , coconut oil making, coffe farm, visit to healer . People speaks English and kindly willing to share everything with us.

    It was priceless experience.

    Thank you for amazing days with you . Mr. Adi and Ketut thank u for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope to be back one day. And learn more from you ?

    Everything was great ! Loved every single moment ❤️

    Might be not a place for you:

    - if you go yoga just for sport

    - if can't live without bustling urban places.

  • Cindy Solberg Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Remote and very beautiful location. Warm hospitality and an interesting glimpse into Balinese village lifestyle.

  • Demie Risby Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Balitrees retreat:

    Where do I start.....

    Firstly balitrees is set within the most beautiful surroundings; rice paddies and palm trees galore this place is truly divine. what makes it better is the fact that it is set in a peaceful quiet village with no other tourism apart from this small retreat.

    The owner Adi is a wonderful man who will go above and beyond to make your time with him truly memorable... this retreat has only been open for 3 months and you get a real feel of authenticity and realism.

    You get to choose out of 3 accommodation, the main area, the homestay ( 10 minute walk away ) and the villas( 20 minute drive ) each of these suited to wether you want a more personal experience such as the homestay, the villas for a private experience and the main area to be close to the daily activity, food and main yoga!

    The food is delicious, a wonderful set of traditional Balinese dishes are served each day, breakfast lunch and dinner all included within the package!! All filling and plentiful, you will eat these under a small beautiful bamboo open hut overlooking the rice terrace while sharing the experience with only a few lucky others( only up to 10 at one time) you also receive free water all the time( bottled) you are even provided with your own water bottle to use through your stay which adds a wonderful touch to the whole experience.

    Also included in the very cheap retreat are local Balinese activities that happen more than once each day, these can range from the

    local Balinese activities that happen more than once each day, these can range from the locals performing there traditional ceremony. Balinese music classes, cooking classes, yoga at the beach, trekking, traditional Balinese massage done by the local healer, learning how to work on the rice fields and so many more... the best thing is Adi will ask you if you have any requests of what you would like to see he will try his upmost best to do these for you.

    The yoga is traditional yoga and unlike any yoga you have tried before... one in the morning and one in the evening and they are both fantastic and a truly different and memorable experience. These are done overlooking the rice fields while listening to the wildlife that surrounds you.

    My birthday was also celebrated at this retreat and in true Balinese style, a blessing from the local women and a whole birthday cake made for me, a wonderful touch to an already perfect experience.

    This retreat is unlike any other I have ever seen or heard before. It is not luxury it is quality.

    Amazing food, amazing locals, amazing owner, best value for money I have ever seen. If you are looking for the real Bali you should without a doubt be visiting this place when you are in Bali, I know one day I will return once again, a home for life.

    Thank you Adi for one of the best and most memorable experiences I have had.

  • Sissil Egge Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts


    Leaving. .

  • Zakia Chergui Netherlands

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    This is the most best experience in Life. Adi and the staff are great! The landshape and spirit of the village are impressed. Also the balanese culture is special with the lovely humans of the village. Rest and peace of the rist field. Look inside this world its an yourney the rest of your Life .To invest in your self for your body and Mindset. Thanks in advance for this amazing yourney in Bali.

  • Jessica Agard Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Les.habitants du village sont très accueillant

    Ce n est pas une retraite c est un séjour chez l habitant avec des cours de Yoga et méditation en option dans la journée.

  • Shani Miller Indonesia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Such a beautiful quiet village, all the people are very lovely and welcome you with open arms, I loved the combination of yoga, meditation and some cultural things in between. The food was also great!!

  • Irene Nissen Australia

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    The people ver very warm and welcoming. Nothing was a bother and they would bend over backwards to accommodate the needs of the guests.

    The environment (both the village and the accommodation) was relaxed and comfortable.

    Yoga lessons met my needs and were taught in a friendly and fun way accommodations the different levels of the students.

    There was nothing that I did not like

  • Fiesole Marks United States

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    I really can't recommend this experience enough! Set in the incredibly peaceful mountains of Bali and surrounded by terraced rice paddies, Balitrees offers an experience rather than a retreat. I have never felt more at home away from home than I did in the village. The scale of time just disappears as the slow pace of life there creates a relaxing environment away from the realities of modern life.

    Adi's traditional knowledge of spiritual yoga and meditation is extensive and he is able to teach silat and tai chi too. The classes are aimed to provide an introduction and deep understanding of the practices and were perfect for beginners like me as Adi is incredibly patient and passionate about passing on his knowledge. (You can even sign up to study and take the yoga exam if you wish and have the time) Classes are a couple of hours each morning and afternoon and between classes Adi provides opportunities for you to visit various villagers and learn about their way of life. Food was absolutely delicious and not at all what I expected. Simple and slightly repetitive but with fantastic flavours, especially the spiced chicken! Not just vegetarian as previously advertised - when we said we ate meat it was generously provided!


    This is not the place for anyone who wants to show off their activewear at a trendy vegan yoga retreat, or for anyone who can't handle slow paced days in the mountains. But if you are interested in relaxing in a beautiful, peaceful environment miles from anywhere, spending your time with some of the most friendly people in the world with the most beautiful smiles and learning the spiritual aspects of yoga, tai chi, silat and meditation, give Adi a call. It's nothing like the other places I've been to in Bali - it's like another world. I already miss all the new friends I made in the village and I'm so grateful to Adi for the experience. I will definitely be back to see everyone again and improve my skills even more!

  • Rebecca Staal Thailand

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    Die Lage der Unterkunft ist sehr abgelegen von der Stadt aber das hat mir sehr gut gefallen um mal zu entspannen und die Aussicht auf die Reisfelder ist so wunderschön! und die Bewohner im Dorf sind alle sehr nett und helfen immer gerne. Es ist auch interessant ein Einblick in die "eigentliche" Kultur von Bali zu bekommen. Das Zimmer war auch groß, sauber und einfach besser als erwartet.

    Mittag und Abendessen war super lecker jedoch finde ich das Frühstück nicht so gut weil es immer nur Toast mit keinen wirklichen Beilagen und die Yoga Stunden waren meistens nie in 2 Stunden Einheiten sondern eher 1 Stunde aber ansonsten war alles viel besser als erwartet!!!

  • Francoise Heydenreich Singapore

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    Away from the highly frequented tourist areas and in the middle of balis beautiful nature with its wide stunning range of colors, shapes and smells. This retreat offers a perfect combination of experiencing the balinese culture and getting a soft start into “ yoga land“. Nevertheless, advanced yogis get the chance to expand their knowledge and learn about “watukaru“- the traditional yoga, which has been developed in the mountain nearby.

    Overall, it was an exceptionel experience and I am happy that 8 had the wonderful opportunity to experience the unique hindu- bali traditions first hand. All villagers were very kind and welcoming.

    Also, food was better than what we had been served in restaurants. The staff was super caring and gave each guest individual service. Whatever you need, Adi and his community will take care of it even if its about other, personal concerns.

    Best get away spot in Bali I'd stay!

    Depending on the expectations there could be 1-2 things people can be bothered about (lets say things were not always following the time and activity schedule)- Me being very flexible, spontanous and easy going, I had nothing to complain about. :)

  • Emma Sothern Vietnam

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    I had a wonderful experience at Balitrees. I didn't know what to expect as some of these 'cultural retreats' can seem a bit forced or overly cheesy! Not the case here. The people of Sedandan village were incredibly welcoming and genuinely pleased to have us there. Myself and the 2 other guests were even invited to a wedding...A wonderful experience although they insisted on stuffing us with too much food!!

    Adi and his team continuously went out of their way to help us, from including a little bucket of toiletries in the bathroom to bringing us to the village healer. Whatever we wanted!! They were all so warm and kind, we were made to feel instantly at home!!

    The classes were a bit different to what I'd expected but I actually loved them...It was refreshing to see a less exercise-focused and more spiritual approach to yoga. One of my favourite aspects was the moving meditation - like a form of Tai Chi - and I hope I can remember it now!! The schedule's pretty loose so you have time to explore the area if you don't want to get involved in activities.

    Anyway, if you're looking for an authentic cultural experience with the kindest people, to learn something different in a beautiful setting and to make great friends, you've found it. Thanks Adi, Dewi, Mrs Ketut, Rihanna, Yulia, Yoshi, Rai and everyone there for making it such a special experience (and sorry for all the mis-spellings of the names!) I'll be back one day!!

    Very little but just one piece of (hopefully!) constructive criticism. The food was great but since it was almost the same dish 3 times a day it wasn't great for our stomachs, not used to such heavy things!! If there was a bit more variety, like maybe something lighter for breakfast, or more salads/veg at main meals I think that would be great!! But thank you Dewi and Rihanna for your excellent cooking and serving!

  • Rosemarie Mansi New Zealand

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    If you would like to see the real Bali, practice yoga and recharge, then this is the retreat for you. We started each day with yummy snacks, meditation, sun salutations and tai chi. The day was filled with great simple, local, food and fantastic cultural experiences such as coconut oil making, music classes and cooking lessons. We finished the day with yoga, which was tailored to both experience and flexibility levels, and dinner. It was great to practice different types of yoga with different teachers.

    I cannot describe how relaxing it is to sit outside meditating, feeling the sun on your back and listening to the cicadas, frogs and roosters. It was pure bliss.

    The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. They just wanted us to experience their village and way of life. They cannot do enough for you and they are great good company.

    This retreat can only hold four people so it will not be overrun with tourists.

    I loved my stay at Balitrees and will definitely return. It was by far the best part of my trip.

    I loved it all.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    Everyone was incredibly nice and very friendly! The location is amazing and not full of tourists. The accomodation and food is also amazing!!! Loved my time here!

  • Elaina Matsko United States

    July 2017, BookMartialArts

    The first thing you notice arriving at the retreat is how remote you feel among the beautiful rice terraces (that are better than Ubud in my opinion.) It's one of the most relaxing environments I've ever been in where you can disconnect from your fast-paced life and really reconnect with nature. It seems like there is no one around apart from the people who live in the village. A very non-touristy location where everyone you meet is warm & welcoming and the most beautiful views to go along with it all.

    The early morning challenge of Tali Rasa quickly became my favorite time of the day but the other daily activities also really deliver. You get to sit with the local villagers and learn to make offerings in the traditional way, learn to play traditional Balinese instruments, afternoon yoga alongside the children's lessons (be it yoga, martial arts or dance lessons) and see the daily life of a village that hasn't been overrun by tourists and western civilization.

    The accommodations were good; comfortable beds, showers with hot water, AC and wifi all made it easy to still get the comforts of home while indulging in this experience.

    It happened to be my birthday during my stay and I was given a birthday party by the villagers/staff and their children. What a special day they provided for me! The girls put on a Balinese dance, everyone sang Happy Birthday (in Balinese) and they even got me a cake. :) I truly can't say enough good things about every person involved in Balitrees!

    There wasn't a single part of the retreat that I can say I was unhappy with.

    Be aware that this retreat focuses more on the entire experience and is a beginner level of yoga. While I loved this, it could potentially be a negative if you are looking for an intense yoga-focused retreat.

  • Eleanor Purvis Indonesia

    June 2017, BookMartialArts

    Adi and his family were wonderful hosts. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations. Where do I start.

    The setting of the retreat is in a very rural village. You couldn't get more remote if you tried. Rice terraces, coconut and banana trees. A tropical paradise. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The meals prepared were simple but extremely tasty. Fresh fruit was always on offer.

    Meditation and Balinese Tai Chi class every morning. Perfect routines to clear your mind. The afternoon session were yoga focussed. All my instructors were excellent. They tailor the routines to suit my needs. My classes involved a lot of hamstring stretches and back bends. As only 4 guests can stay at one time you receive great personal tuition. I had a day of 1-2-1 classes.

    You become a member of the family very quickly. Everyone is so friendly.

    Cultural exchange. Everyday there is an opportunity to take part in a cultural activity. Watching the sunrise, oil making, preparing a Balinese meal, a session with the local medicine man, crafting offerings/blessings.

    I enjoyed everything I did on the retreat. If you are looking for a relaxing few days, in a beautiful setting and a family environment look no further.

    Very little, Adi and his team have thought of everything.

    To note, a few locals do take photos/video of you without asking permission first. I know most people don't mind this but it makes me feel a tad uncomfortable.

  • Monique Büker Australia

    June 2017, BookMartialArts

    I booked a 4 nights yoga retreat at Balitrees. What I received was so much more than I hoped for :) Mr Adi ( the owner of the place) has been extremely welcoming and happy to share his knowledge about the balinese culture with me. I was the only one staying at this wonderful village. I already miss all inhabitants and hope that I can come back at some point.

    Everyday I visited another family and did and got to know something different about the balinese culture.

    The accommodation is great! The beds are comfy... The food is balinese and good.

    I was lucky to be be the only student in the yoga classes. As I was a beginner, I really enjoyed this.

    I am sure this is one of the - if not the - most authentic balinese cultural experience.

    I wish Mr Adi success with his relatively new business.

    - As I was the only guest, I ate my meals alone. I did not enjoy that too much.

  • Luciana Rossini United Arab Emirates

    June 2017, BookMartialArts

    I went to this retreat looking for yoga and meditation, and some relax. What happened those days is more that what I can tell just with words. I came back home feeling happier and really thankful.

    Mr. Adi is waiting for you at the airport and bring you to the Village. From then on you enter in a new world, all the people I met, all theirs traditions, their kindness, their humble way of living, made me be in real contact with my inner self and realize what is really important in life.

    I was the only 'tourist' in the village, the families around opened their doors an their hearts to me.

    You need to experience this.

    The whole retreat exceeded my expectations, the food they cooked was simply amazing, the room was clean and nice, the bed comfy, I couldn't ask for more.

  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookMartialArts

    •family owned! It is very village oriented and your interactions with locals is unlike most places in Bali

    •beautiful and very clean rooms

    •activities were interesting and educational; it was nice to leave feeling like I learned a bit about Balinese life

    •small group was nice; very unlike the large, crowded retreats around

    •more of a cultural experience with a bit of yoga

    •nothing. All was good

    •great for beginners of yoga and meditation; maybe not for those experienced

  • Mijke Brugman Indonesia

    May 2017, BookMartialArts

    It was a great experience, way better then i expected! Adi (the owner) is really nice, going out of his way to make you feel comfortable and make sure your wishes are fullfilled. He even helpt me with my visa extention! The room is nice as well, its clean and everything you need is provided. The rest of the staff is also lovely! The're very friendly, cook amazing meals, clean your room and even do

    laundry. The lessons are nice and there are also several activities provided. But there is also enough 'me-time', if you want. Overall, i had a great time!

  • Nava Bastani India

    May 2017, BookMartialArts

    Adi's and his family took such wonderful care of us while we were at his village. We did yoga in the morning and Talia Rossi which is the Balinese equivalent of tai chi and we did short meditation's. The food was delicious and prepare daily by his family. The daily cultural events which happened around the village in neighbors homes was a real treat and something I deeply treasured. The location is very beautiful and out of the regular tourist areas so that you feel like you're in the real Bali. I would recommend you spending an extra night and doing the tour with Adi, he takes you to a lovely temple, Hot Springs and the beach as well as lunch at his family's café in Tabanan. This is more like a cultural retreat where you get the best of all worlds. Very good for beginners .

  • Willem Beijen Vietnam

    May 2017, BookMartialArts

    I had a really good time at balitrees. The freedom to make my own choises for what program i prefered where really nice. All the activities with the local people of the village where really fun an gave a good insight of traditional bali life. Everybody was very was super helpfull and friendly. I learned alot and made many new friends.

    The organisation of the activities wasnt the best but Adi just opened the retreat so some finetunning was expected.

    Testimonials 3

    • Brian Lau China

      Balitrees Retreats Facebook page

      Amazing experience, very cultural and enlightening for authentic Balinese culture and traditions. The staff are all incredible - friendly and helpful in every way! Surrounded by rice paddies and palm trees with no tourists aside from others in your group it’s a real retreat!

    • Patricia Montironi Italy


      I was there from the 24th to 28th of July, and I had a great time there. Everything was perfect. They took care of everything and I felt like at home in a family.

      I learned a lot about the Balinese culture and that was I wanted. Ketut the yoga teacher was an excellent teacher, it was so nice to do yoga at the ricefield, at the beach and at Umadarthu, each place had its charm.

      Then they tought me to do the offering (canang), to play gamelan (their instrument) .... the teacher had such a patience with me coz I do not have any musical ear !!!! but he managed to teach me the basic. It was fun. Then I went to plant my rice ... so in 3 months somebody will eat my rice. I went to an orphanage (it was my special request) because I brought some english books and pencils that I wanted to give to a school and Adi organized it to me even it was not in the package of activities. And at last as the cherry on top of the cake I had the traditional balinese massage from the healer Ketut. Wonderful!

      When we did the tour with bike : real good mountain bikes brand new !

      The transfers from the airport and to my second destination were perfect.

      The food was really good.

      Well for sure if someone of my friend wish to go to Bali I will highly recommend Balitrees Retreat (Megati, Sedandan, Tabanan Sub-District, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162, Indonesia) for a real meet with Balinese culture in a non touristic part of the island.

      I would give a 10 - the highest score because they diserve all and even more!

      Yours sincerely,

      Patricia Montironi

    • Marcela Zeman Australia

      Balitrees Retreats Facebook page

      A truly wonderful retreat. Peaceful. Picturesque. Incredibly friendly and accommodating hosts. And a lot of fun! To be away from the hustle and bustle of some of the main areas of Bali and be up in the mountains in a traditional village amongst the stunning tiered rice paddy farmlands of Sesandan was so relaxing and scenic. A beautiful place to practice the original form of yoga with very knowledgeable teachers who also have a terrific sense of humour injecting joy and laughter into each session. A peaceful, warm and smiling heart after each class! And yoga on the black sands of the nearby beaches with a full moon rising and the crashing waves of the ocean was spectacular. Cycling there through the local villages and rice fields was one of my personal highlights – a lot of fun with the group on the way! The opportunity to visit the local orphanage and make a contribution to the children was so heart-warming. Thank you Adi. A wonderful place doing wonderful work which all showed in the radiant smiles of the kids and their obvious well-being. The accommodation far exceeded expectations and is tranquil and plush. And the food was great – wonderful local fresh produce cooked in the traditional Balinese way and served with much love by the fabulous staff of Balitrees. My 5 day visit was far too short – and I will be returning! Thank you to all at Balitrees – it felt like a home away from home.

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