Bahia Vacation Tours offers martial arts training camps, tours, and trips in Bahia, Brazil.

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Mestre Grandão

Contra Mestre Baianinho Engenho

Luciane Girassol Engenho

Marcos Marley

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Juan Sarmiento

from United States, July 2019

"Unforgettable experience "

Even in terms of capoeira in Brasil, grupo Engenho and their instructors are some of the best around. They live and breathe capoeira, and are excited to share everything from the movements to the music with anyone who wants to learn. The experience you get practicing at the center in Abrantes is unique, the people are friendly and talented, and the accommodation and transportation is superb. I strongly recommend learning at least some Portuguese before going, and having some formation in dance / being in good shape to get the most out of it. Even then, the instructors have lots of experience teaching total beginners, and you will never be excluded for learning.