The Attachai Muay Thai Gym provides quality Muay Thai training for those who want to improve their game by focusing on strength, stamina, and technique.

Reviews (13)

Areeb Taimoori

from New Zealand, January 2020

"The best unkown decision I made!"

I booked this as I wanted to learn something new on my holiday in Thailand.

This turned out to be my best decision. The instructors are passionate about what they are teaching. The hospitality is absolutely warming.

I walked in on Day 1 to see professional fighters getting ready for the session. I was nervous and shy, but the instructors quickly made me part of the group and trained me according to my skill level. Taught me from the basics up. They gave equal attention to the newest to the most skilled. This was the best quality of this gym.

I walked away with a sense to learning this art seriously and focus on my own fitness. I am back home, but cannot wait to go back for a longer training and actually get somewhere with the art.

There were girls on day 1 but I was disappointed not many girls took this on. This is for both guys and girls. Give it a try and you will come out as a new person. This is the GYM resolution I had been waiting for.


from Japan, October 2019

"I had a great time!"

I loved training in the garden.

Everyone was very friendly to me who are beginners and can't speak English.

I want to go back someday.


from United States, July 2019

"Review of Attachai Muay Thai Training"

it is an intensive training, met a lot of enthusiasts

Hope i can come back


from United States, February 2019

"I had a great experience!"

Intensity of training sessions

Wencke Lasch

from United States, January 2019

This camp is designed purely on improving your fitness and Muay Thai.. You need to be fit already when going to Attachai. I felt like i was thrown in the deep end at first but found once they knew my capabilities the instructors were very forthcoming. I would go to this camp again but with a friend as no one really speaks English which is not an issue or complaint I just felt a little lost. Would recommend it 100% it’s in the heart of Bangkok not a tourist area at all but Transport and Taxis can take you anywhere for next to nothing. Thank you for the real feel of Muay Thai. Not a laughing matter if you are serious about learning the art.


from Myanmar [Burma], December 2018

The instructors were excellent. Very positive and created a really nice atmosphere. I really liked that you got to train with every trainer. I've done a camp before where they prioritized some over others due to their experience/ ability. A huge positive for me of this camp was that everyone was treated equally and they ensured that everyone had the same amount of training time and bag time. I would say that I benefitted from each session, in that I felt like a progressed. Again I've been on camps before where I've just been left on the bag if the session was busier than expected, this is not the case with this gym. They are well organised and ensure that you get individual attention. The positivity and manor of the instructors was also really encouraging. As this gym is not just for those staying and doing camps, it also meant that I learnt from the regular trainers who were there to train too, both from watching them and tips that they gave. I would recommend this gym definitely and I would go there to train again.

Abdul Hadi

from Malaysia, December 2018

"Experience at attachai muay thai gym"

Hospitality was great and staffs and trainers are all very friendly and very welcoming! Training intensity was high but somehow the energy keeps going in.


from United States, November 2018

"Amazing gym and staff!!!"

I liked training and learning from the amazing students and instructors!!!


from Malaysia, October 2018

"Excellent "

The Instructors are all so nice!

Dana Anghel

from France, June 2018

"Good training, nice atmosphere, located in a lovely garden"

The training ia good & professional

The instructors are all very nice & always happy to teach you

The gym is located in a corner of paradise, in a garden and next to a lake

The private accommodatiom is good value for money, clean & comfortable enough

The club sells some gear: I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is not overpriced


from Thailand, March 2018

"I highly recommand it for quality of training (all levels)"

Trainers, quality and intensity of training. Staff extremely friendly and helpful in your training. Absolutly all levels Can train there. From 1st Time training to fighter preparing a fight. They really give you the training you're looking for. Excellent for Girls who'd like to be Handle by girl trainer. They all speak excellent english. Open every day. Training not too early in the morning. Area location is great because on the way to the airport so you can avoid the Bad trafic jam from bkk and very close by sukhumvit, sathorn... I like very much this gym and I'll go back for sure.

Adam Leonard

from Cambodia, March 2018

"Nice secluded place really near any shops or massage "

Nice secluded lake where the gym is.Very good gym, Great trainers. Perfect camp for fighters to get in fight shape or people wanting to get fit .

Marie Galliez

from France, March 2018

"Marie review"

People are nice and professional