AtelTrainer is the center of transcendental holistic, and secular training. They offer healing yoga retreats, in a small valley of Hortunas de Arriba, Spain.

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from France, October 2018

"Superb experience on all levels"

I have not found the words to write a review about my experience, this is why I was postponing writing a review.

I am in no place whatsoever, to write a review.

All I can say, I am blessed that I decided to go, I went, and I experienced what I experienced. Words cannot describe what I experienced and still do till today. I am blessed I met Alain and everyone during these 7 days.


from Germany, August 2018

"Experience worth trying - if you're willing to listen & feel"

Loved the nature and atmosphere in the valley, the whole family (sometimes including volunteers) is awesome, the sport/yoga/meditation/spiritual sessions are well chosen/done, the food is delicious and freshly cooked out of the own orchard.

Stephanie Harkin

from Great Britain, August 2017

"A much needed break from society!"

This retreat was incredible, a rare opportunity to fully embrace nature and be at one with myself. I enjoyed all elements of the retreat especially the Tao night walking, yoga, Tai Chi and various meditation techniques. A week away from society to become closer to all that is important in this world - nature at its universe. I have learnt so many methods and techniques that I can incorporate into my every day living. Helping me to find the balance and peace I was searching for.

Silvana Fenoy

from Spain, August 2018

"Una familia maravillosa "

La variedad de técnicas y el ambiente familiar y sencillo


from Spain, August 2018

"paz interior y cooperacion entre desconocidos"

el silencio del lugar, el susurro del viento rozando sus hojas,su paz. el trato por los dueños y la cooperacion entre personas desconocidas

Kathrin Huber

from Sri Lanka, July 2018

"A beautiful quiet place in a lovley family surrounding"

Alains patience and transcendental LOVE to teach and show us everything what we need in that moment. He is a wonderful person. You will get part of a wonderful family for the time of the retreat. The valley is really wonderful and there is no distraction which allows you to go really deep. I learned so much. Words can't describe this great experience or like Alain would say "you will feel it".

Noelia Albero Molina

from Spain, April 2018

"Increíble lugar y excelentes personas"

La Paz que transmite el lugar y las personas que hay alli

Montserrat Cabanillas Vega

from Spain, February 2018

"Excelente experiencia."

Absolutamente todo, el sitio es perfecto , armonioso, inspirador, perfecto para desconectar, tomar consciencia, escuchar, escucharte, aprender, es increíble la complicidad y conexión de Alain con su familia. Es una familia con mucho que compartir, y enseñarle al mundo, son encantadores los 3. Nosotros nos llevamos una experiencia muy gratificante la cual invito al mundo a experimentarla.


from Spain, January 2018

La tranquilidad del sitio, el paisaje, los anfitriones. Es un lugar muy recomendable donde aprender a ver y sentir la vida desde otro ángulo.

Rocio Fernández Curva

from Spain, November 2017

"Totalmente recomendable para encontrarte a ti mismo"

Me encantó el sitio!las vistas,el contacto con la naturaleza y con uno mismo!lo mejor que he hecho desde hace mucho tiempo!

Raphaëlle Dessein

from France, October 2017

"Un incroyable voyage intérieur"

Apprenez à calmer le mental pour se reconnecter avec son coeur. Faire confiance en son intuition, se faire du bien par la méditation et le healing yoga, apprendre à s'écouter. C'est un voyage avec vous même absolument déroutant et magnifique que vous ferez grâce à Alain.

Tout ce que j'ai adoré :

- la vallée

- les conversations

- l'ashram

- les check-up énergétiques

- les balades nocturnes

- les méditations

- le healing yoga

- le shiatsu

- dormir dans une caravane

- regarder la voie lactée

Testimonials (1)

Patricia Corell

AtelTrainer Website

Had an amazing experience at “Valle de Hortunas” in Requena, Valencia-Spain.

Allow yourself to follow your instincts and learn how to live from the heart. Your mind will start to ease, and wonderful things will start to happen around you and within.

So, pack a bag and hit the road to Requena, you won’t regret it!

In a moment when my glass was already too full to take anything else in, AtelTrainer happened and revitalised me. A very much needed getaway and yoga retreat turned out to be a deep cleansing of the heart. Fears came out, buried feelings emerged, emotional and physical blockages released, and all the fatigue that came with it was rested.

Having had a one to one retreat with Alain was a luxury as all the attention was focused on me and my needs. Also enjoyed the treatments (energetic channeling, Shiatsu).

Also, the wife and the daughter are warm and welcoming, the make you feel at home and at ease.

Best money invested in my health insurance. It seriously felt like a psychoanalysis of the heart but without the “psycho”. Therapy could have taken years, this took me 3 days, and although I know I still have a long journey to walk, I can feel now that I´m on the right path to find peace and purpose in life. Practice “heartfulness” instead of “mindfulness” and the results will be much more powerful.

P.S. We also did Yoga!

If you are doubting and perhaps having fear about going on your own, please don´t, nothing to be afraid of, more than connecting with nature in a sacred valley that heals you, and best of all re-connecting with yourself and all the beings around you through the magic of transcendental love.

Patricia Corell.

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