Valencia, Spain

AtelTrainer is the center of transcendental humanistic, holistic, and secular training. They offer yoga retreats in a small valley of Hortunas de Arriba, Spain.

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Based on 6 reviews
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Really Good 8/10

Based on 6 reviews

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Alain Tello Robledo

(Karate, Yoga, Fitness Instructor, Meditation)

ANEF, Spain (Personal Trainer)

As Alain Tello Robledo passed 55, he left back lots of distractions. He now lives according to his soul and his worldwide executive profile is a forgotten past. He has changed the search for the promised happiness, to find profound peace of mind in direct connection with the universe. Alain devotes himself to teaching transcendental training and universal energy diagnosis and treatment to help people recover their self-healing power. His job and mission in life are to help people meet their essence and to live in deep harmony with oneself and with all.

Reviews 6

  • Anonymous

    January 2018, BookMartialArts

    La tranquilidad del sitio, el paisaje, los anfitriones. Es un lugar muy recomendable donde aprender a ver y sentir la vida desde otro ángulo.

  • Rocio Fernández Curva Spanish State

    November 2017, BookMartialArts

    Me encantó el sitio!las vistas,el contacto con la naturaleza y con uno mismo!lo mejor que he hecho desde hace mucho tiempo!

    Me gustó todo no tengo pegas

  • Raphaëlle Dessein France

    October 2017, BookMartialArts

    Apprenez à calmer le mental pour se reconnecter avec son coeur. Faire confiance en son intuition, se faire du bien par la méditation et le healing yoga, apprendre à s'écouter. C'est un voyage avec vous même absolument déroutant et magnifique que vous ferez grâce à Alain.

    Tout ce que j'ai adoré :

    - la vallée

    - les conversations

    - l'ashram

    - les check-up énergétiques

    - les balades nocturnes

    - les méditations

    - le healing yoga

    - le shiatsu

    - dormir dans une caravane

    - regarder la voie lactée

    N'y allez pas si vous voulez faire du yoga-instagram. Ce n'est vraiment pas le but. Vous déconnecterez vraiment car le réseau est très faible. Et c'est très bien comme ça !

  • Stephanie Harkin Great Britain

    August 2017, BookMartialArts

    This retreat was incredible, a rare opportunity to fully embrace nature and be at one with myself. I enjoyed all elements of the retreat especially the Tao night walking, yoga, Tai Chi and various meditation techniques. A week away from society to become closer to all that is important in this world - nature at its universe. I have learnt so many methods and techniques that I can incorporate into my every day living. Helping me to find the balance and peace I was searching for.

    There was nothing negative about this retreat.

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