Ao-Koei Beach Muay Thai Camp by trainer Solo Belmondo offers training camps that specialize in Muay Thai and Western Boxing.

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Helena D

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I have been training at a few Muay Thai camps in Thailand for about 4 years when my friend told me I should go to Solo's Gym if I wanted to step up my game.

First day of training with Solo, it was WOW! discovering a whole new world of knowledge in Muay Thai and boxing that I did not even suspect existed. This is where you realize how much you need a trainer who is fluent in your language to explain to you all the subtleties of the game, but also someone with his own proven methodology and a vision, and someone who is going to force you to progress. Solo is hands down a class above of all the trainers I ever had.

As for the camp itself, it is on a beautiful beach, and unspoiled by tourism yet. People smile to you and are happy to see you. I met a few other like minded athletes there, we rented motorbikes, and explored the surrounding: Gorgeous waterfalls, rivers, beaches, jungle treks, all this completely off-the-beaten-path.

The food was a lavish buffet every day. Soul food (Thai style) made at home by a darling girl who is passionate about cooking and is scared that if you don't finish it all it means that you didn't like it. What else could you ask!

So overall, you train in a very small group. You are literally training in a trainer's home, just like in the old days and it is in the old Thailand too, among the Thai people who live there. If you are passionate about the sport, and want to avoid the commercial treatment, then Solo's gym is the place you should visit in Thailand. Maybe go sooner than later, because I doubt that it will stay like this for long. Well worth buying the plane ticket just for that and go home.


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Great people, lovely community, very good training, amazing food, beautiful landscape.

This camp allows you to combine very good training according to the goals you are willing to achieve as well as a very quiet and relaxing place located only a couple hundreds of killometres from the busy island of Phuket.

Careful : every insect is minimum twice as big as the ones i have in France, cold shower, no wifi!

Only the true warriors will achieve the camp and leave ao koei much stronger physically and mentally as when they arrived there.

Jonas Jonat Germany

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I spent 15 days at the camp of trainer Solo, together with my cousin. It was an amazing experience in a real Thai community with wonderfull people and a beautiful beach.

Solo is a special unique Trainer who sees whats the best for u to work on and pushes you to your best to reach a higher level of boxing and Muay Thai. He is a really good teacher and we learned a lot from him in this two weeks. He combines Muay Thai training with box training and teaches you whats the best way to train by your own.

Also the thai trainers have been amazing teachers to us - always with a smile they show you there own technique and skills and work hard with you.

If you are really motivated and ready to train intense and if you want to meet locals and like cultural exchange this is the best place for you.

I would always recommend this camp and hope i can go back soon.