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Aikido Training Dojo in Aichi, Japan

Join Aikido Kimori Dojo and train Aikido with experienced instructors, right in the home country of Aikido. This particular class aims at beginners at the martial arts, although the Dojo has many other classes for other different groups. You will learn the basics of Aikido, the fundamental techniques, and other general knowledge about the the martial arts. Kimori Dojo remembers that it is essential to have fun, so the instructors will make sure you feel most comfortable at the Dojo, and receive the personal attention you need.


  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Training with experienced instructors
  • Training in basics of Aikido and general technique
  • Opportunity to watch any other classes
  • Access to facilities at the Dojo
  • 29 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner


30 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Japanese, English
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Accommodation at the Dojo is available. Please contact Aikido Kimori Dojo for availability and rates. In addition, you can find cheap hotels nearby and commute to the Dojo using train or other modes of public transport.

Aikido Kimori Dojo's Basics and General Aikido Training Program


General classes will cover the basics and general techniques of Aikido. Classes take place during the below time slots:

Monday 19:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00

Thursday 10:00 - 12:00

Friday 20:05 - 21:00

Saturday 20:15 - 21:00

Sunday 13:00 - 15:00



Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created during the 1920s by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), an expert who reached the highest level of mastery in the classical Japanese Martial Arts. Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. Aikido has not competition. The goal of Aikido training is not perfection of a step or skill, but rather improving one's character according to the rules of nature.

Features of Aikido

Aikido training is intended to promote physical and mental training, according to the proficiency level of each skill and repeatedly practice so anyone can practice. Aikido training is not only good for health, but also develops self-confidence naturally for daily life. The dojo is a ideal place to deepen the understanding of the human eye, to meet people regardless of age, sex and occupation.

Aikido Worldwide

Sixty years have passed since the spread of Aikido overseas began. During this time, Aikido has become established in 130 countries. Aikido has taken root all over the world because it is recognized as a way to train the mind and body, and as such, its value extends beyond race and border. As a result of overseas promotion activities, in 1976, the International Aikido Federation (IAF) was established, the General Assembly of the Federation has been held every four years.

In 1984, the International Aikido Federation became official member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Voluntary activities by international organizations and leaders dispatched by Japan Government Foundation, Leaders dispatched by Senior Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and Youth of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has also become active. Aikido is expected internationally now as a new culture of humanity in the 21st century.

Aikikai Foundation

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created during the 1920s by Morihei Ueshiba, an expert who reached the highest level of mastery in the classical Japanese Martial Arts. Officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1940, the Aikikai Foundation is the parent organization for the development and popularization of Aikido throughout the world.

Aikikai Aikido World Headquarters

  • Establishment of Aikido schools, publication of books and newspapers about Aikido (Japanese and English).
  • Establishment of branch dojos, dispatching of instructors to domestic and foreign regions and dojos management.
  • Organization of Aikido public demonstrations and workshops.
  • Other activities related to the dissemination of Aikido in general.

Other Organizations that promote and spread the development of Aikido

  • International Aikido Federation (IAF Established in 1976)
  • All-Japan Aikido Federation (Established in 1976)
  • Ministry of Defense Aikido Federation (Established in 1961)
  • National Student Aikido Federation (Established in 1961)
  • National High School Aikido Federation (Established in 2002)

Aikido Kimori Dojo

Aikido Kimori Dojo was established on the 20th of January 2002 by Kimori Dojo’s chief instructor, Toshiharu Sawada Shihan (7th Dan). To celebrate the occasion, Kimori Dojo was honored to have Moriteru Ueshiba (Doushu), the grandson of the founder of Aikido and the current chairman of the Aikido foundation, attend and give a rare demonstration of his Aikido. In 2011 to celebrate Kimori Dojo’s 10th anniversary a seminar was taught by both Moriteru Ueshiba (Doushu) and Mitsuteru Ueshiba (Waka Sensei), with over 450 people attending.

Since it was established, Kimori dojo’s membership has grown steadily and as of 2012 the exceeds over 140 members including around 70 children.

Every year instructors from the Aikido Hombu Dojo (Aikikai Aikido World Headquarters) located in Tokyo are invited to instruct at seminars held by Kimori Dojo. To date Kimori Dojo has been fortunate enough to have Hideo Yonemochi Shihan, Shoji Seki Shihan, Hayato Osawa Shihan and Takanori Kuribayashi Shihan instruct fantastic classes at these seminars.

Kimori Dojo members are also encouraged to regularly take part in various seminars held throughout Japan and also the All Japan Aikido Demonstration held in Tokyo every May. Because of this Kimori dojo has many connections and friendships with other Dojo.

Kimori Dojo has two branch Dojos. The first is located in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Hideyuki Agata, the chief instructor, often trains and attends special events at Kimori dojo. The second branch Dojo is located in Silicon Valley, California, America. The chief instructor, Hiroshi Matsuoka Sensei, and his students regularly visit Kimori Dojo to take part in the annual Gasshuku and to attend grading.

Every year in September Kimoro Dojo holds its annual Gasshuku. It is normally held over three days (Friday to Sunday). Members from other countries and various other Dojo around Japan also take part. The Gasshuku is a great event an all participants always enjoy fantastic training followed by great food and excellent company.

Visitors from all around the world come and train at Kimori Dojo. We have had visitors from America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Peru, England, China and Russia, to name but a few. Kimori Dojo would like to strengthen existing connections and continue to make new connections with people from various regions and countries throughout the world.

Kimori Dojo maintains close relations with Aikido Shinryukan, headed by Nobuo Takase Shihan, in New Zealand. Sawada Shihan visits New Zealand at least once a year to teach weapons classes (bokken and jo) and empty-handed classes at seminars held there. Sawada Shihan also travels to and instructs in China regularly.


The Dojo is located in Kasugai City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The Dojo has eighty tatami mats. There are changing rooms for men and women, showers and toilets, washing machines, and a common room. Refreshments are also available for sale. Parking is available.


Kasugai is located in west-central Aichi Prefecture, north of the Nagoya metropolis. It is dubbed "the town of calligraphy" since Tofu Ono, one of the three greatest masters of calligraphy, is said to have been born in Kasugai. This is confirmed in such literary sources as the Kirin-sho, which was composed in the South-North Imperial Era (around the middle of the 14th century.)

The people of Kasugai are proud of the fact that Tofu Ono was born in their town, and fondly call him "Tofu-san." It goes without saying that the people of Kasugai are interested in calligraphy.

Kasugai-city has made efforts to preserve this cultural tradition under the slogan: "Town of Calligraphy." The Municipal sponsors have planned a number of projects to promote calligraphy culture. One of them is the Tofu Exhibition. This calligraphy exhibition, held in the Tofu Memorial Museum, is a contest in which people from all over the country are invited to exhibit their works of calligraphy.


Food is not included in the training price. Participants will need to take care of their own meals.

Things to do (optional)

Botanic Garden

Fureai Ryokudo (Friendly Green Path)

Futagoyama Kofun (Old burial mound)

Haniwa Alley

Pagoda of Mitsuzoin Temple

Rinshoin Kempon Chakusoku Shobozo

Tofu Memorial Hall

Utsutsu Shrine

What's included

  • 29 nights accommodation
  • Access to facilities at the Dojo
  • Unlimited training sessions

What's not included

  • Airfare travel
  • Food
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by train

From Nagoya Station, take the JR Chousen Line directly to Kachigawa Station. Get off there and take the left exit. Catch a bus bound for Aijiyoshi Station. From Ajiyoshi Station it is about a five minute walk to Kimori Dojo.

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