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Aardvark Israel

Aardvark Israel offers long-term gap year programs located in the two most exciting cities in Israel: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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Henry Sopher, father of James Sopher NJ, USA

Aardvard Israel Website

We all thought that the bar mitzvah was the transition to manhood. In our case it was James’ gap year in Aardvark. Thank you to all of you. It was a great program!

Jesse Lyn Stoner, mother of Ari Stoner IN, USA

Aardvard Israel Website

I have been very happy with the program and enthusiastically endorse it. I am so pleased with the quality and kinds of activities you offer on weekends, the group experiences, and the supervision. There’s enough space for the participants to feel independent and enough supervision for parents to feel their children are safe.

Hana Abargel, mother of Doreen Abargel CA, USA

Aardvard Israel Website

The way you guys know how to get into these kids' hearts is amazing. Each and every year we participated in events for Israel here at LA and when Doreen used to come with us, she couldn’t wait for them to finish so she could get out of there. After all the ceremonies that Doreen attended this week, I asked her how she feels, and she said that it was the best experience of all! The powerful way of celebrating these holidays are only in Israel. And from this perspective, I feel that I’ve earned my Jewish daughter back, and you guys have a big part of it.

Ethan Rosenfeld OH, USA

Aardvard Israel Website

We’ve been everywhere. We’ve partied with the chassids during Simchat Torah in Tsfat. We went to understand what settlers went through in Hevron. We saw what it was like to live in a development town. We’ve visited Sderot and we’ve seen the security fence. Wherever we are politically, it’s no longer just a story. It’s real. We’ve heard all their stories. And from their stories we’ve added to our own.

Eliot Silverman MA, USA

Aardvard Israel Website

I just wanted to say thank you again. I literally had the best year of my life. I hope you are successful in the years to come.

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