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Fitness and Weight Loss in India

1ON1 Fitness Holidays' one month holiday program is focused on body building, strength and power. It includes a strict fitness regime of intense cardio, yoga and personal training session with Prahlladh. This camp is perfect for guests who love fitness, and would like to take it to the next level. Here you will train hard, get lean, improve performance, build core strength. It is a great place for lovers of fitness. This is also the most recommended time period to really see a before and after change in person.


  • Daily yoga and stretching
  • Personal fitness training session
  • Cooking classes with calorie count and portion control
  • Daily vegetarian meals and nutrition advice
  • Daily variety of cardio vascular activities
  • 29 nights accommodation


30 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
The maximum participants in the group is 4
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The fitness house is a part of 18 row houses but is secluded from most of the others. Being a part of this gated community gives added security and good maintenance of the lawns and surrounding forest areas. The fitness house is located opposite the Kodaikanal Golf Club and is the last constructed area in Kodaikanal after which is the forest reserve; hence you can imagine the silence and peace you will enjoy.

There are two rooms at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp: room with double bed, a common bathroom which is just outside the room and a bay window with valley view, and twin bedroom with attached bathroom and a deck with valley view. Both of the rooms have a stunning view and are on the first floor, they need to be accessed by a staircase. The rooms will be allocated when you arrive based on the availability.

With a home stay option like this one you can be assured to gain maximum knowledge from your personal trainer and also think of it as a crash course on discovering your body and grabbing control of it. The environment in the fitness house is a good learning ground for a strong fitness foundation on training and dietary methods and will be a gateway to improve your lifestyle.

1ON1 Fitness Holidays Schedule

06:00 Morning energizer - protein shake and fruit

06:30 Cardio Vascular activities - local adventures that will surprise you with fitness challenges (trekking, cycling, running and sports). All of our locations are picked for their uniquely beautiful landscapes and we make an effort to incorporate the countryside at every turn.

08:30 Breakfast: A mix of carbohydrates , protein and fats to re-fuel your body, e.g., museli / oats / bowl of fruits with eggs of your choice

10:00 Hatha yoga session followed by a healthy snack

13:00 Lunch: a sumptuous Indian meal, e.g., 1 dal (Lentils), 1 type of bean, 1 cooked vegetable , salad , roti , yoghurt, and flavoured hot water

17:00 Healthy snack followed by 1ON1 personal training with Prahlladh Bulchandani

19:00 Dinner - soup, salad, and eggs of your choice

1ON1 Fitness Holidays

Your personal expert trainer

1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp is a pioneering endeavor from Mr. Prahlladh Bulchandani to make fitness and nutrition customised and designed to each person's body. For the last 5 years, Prahlladh has been successfully managing his personal training studio in Chennai.

He has trained over 100 clients, ranging from a 10 year-old National Go-Carting Champion to a 65-year-old fitness enthusiast. All of them have different needs but share a common passion - to live a healthy and fit life.

Premium training studio and facilities

1 ON1 Fitness Holidays is the only premium personal training studio started in 2006. They offer 2400 square feet of state of the art equipment dedicated to one person at one time. Each client's fitness program is scientifically monitored to measure and improve performance. They give special focus on weak muscles, body imbalances and injuries.

At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/ Boot Camp they supply all exercise equipment (i.e. mountain bikes (Cannon Dale F6 / F7, Schwinn) and helmets, life fitness cable machine, spinning bikes, power blocks, swiss balls, medicine balls, exercise mats, sand bags, terabands, dumbbells, skipping ropes, balance pads, and TRX suspension training.

Training objectives

The dream of 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp, Kodaikanal is to make fitness and nutrition the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. All that they have been providing to their clients on a daily basis at 1ON1 personal training studio, Chennai, they now desire to take it outdoors and make it even more fun and exciting.

Their aim is get clients into a routine which they will be able to follow in their daily lives. All clients will take home with them better training methods and easy solutions to keep body fat levels under control and memories of a lifetime.

Training sessions

Group training sessions are conducted, consisting of minimum 4 clients. Each fitness training session would include circuit training - weights, ropes, straps, TRX, boxing, and cardio like a boot camp class. They focus on all the four aspects of lifestyle training: Step 1 - fitness analysis; Step 2 - nutrition; Step 3 - cardio, weights, yoga; and Step 4 - lifestyle change.

They also have an indoor cycling studio in Chennai with Lemond Rev Master Pro Spin Bikes, a night club set up with latest Bollywood, techno and house music, live Dj's playing while you spin and lose more than 600 calories an hour.

Injury rehabilitation

Their core competency has been injury rehabilitation. They have been identifying, treating and strengthening ruptured ligaments, talons and muscles through sports massage techniques for quick recovery. Each of their clients who have had knee, neck, and back injuries have recovered substantially and are back to working out feeling stronger and fitter than before.

Responsible for the environment and community

1ON1 Fitness Holiday ensures keeping the environment clean and green. In-fact they have planned one clean up trek every week with their clients in order to be kind to our planet which serves us in every way. Secondly, they make sure no waste is thrown in any of the premises used by them. They provide vegetarian meals only. Lastly, they ensure the harmony of nature with mankind.

They want to share their skills with the local community. They train once a week in Kids Yoga at an NGO called Satya Surabhi School, a lovely NGO right in the valley. It's a dream school, and the kids are angels loving every bit of it. For the natives, they aim to provide local employment. From their chef, cleaner, driver, trek guides, all are locals, so as to enhance the livelihood of the people in Kodaikanal.

All levels welcome

1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp is suitable for people of all fitness levels - from those who have not exercised ever to people who train or play sports regularly. Each session is structured so that individuals will be challenged at the level that is suitable for them.

If you are unfit, 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/ Boot Camp is the best kick-start and introduction to health and fitness you can get. If you consider yourself already fit they will take your fitness to the next level, help improve your all-round fitness and teach you how to train effectively, prevent injures and keep fit for life.

The most important quality you can bring to this experience, more than any physical preparation, is an open mind. The rest they can help you achieve. They design the activities according to your capabilities. From the moment you sign up, they inquire about your current fitness levels and your expectation from this holiday.

Client profile form and assessment

Step 1: From there on they will start creating a customized fitness plan for you which will take into consideration your current fitness levels, past workout experience, injuries and goals.

Step 2: After completing the orientation, they will conduct your fitness analysis which will include your body fat, measurements, lifestyle and diet based on which you will be given your weekly schedule.

It is essential for you to mention your injuries, illness and allergies in the client profile form. This will enable them to customize your program at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/ Boot Camp as necessary.


Prahlladh Bulchandani Bulchandani
Pralladh is a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist with Premier Global UK. He is also a CrossFit LV 1 Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor LV 1. Bioprint practitioner (hormone balancing to supplementation), done a power lifting seminar with world champion Denitry Klokov and 'strength Sansei', Charles poliquin in Sydney, Australia. He also has a earned PICP1 & 2 from the prestigious Poliquin Group specialising in strength training. Sports specific training camp at KILO STRENGTH SOCIETY, California. He has been coaching clients ranging from kids to athletes to seniors since 2001
Khushi Bulchandani
Khushi Bulchandani is certified as an Advanced Yoga Teacher by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, Canada. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies, a Masters in Business Adminstration, and a Diploma in Social Work. She has also advanced her practice in yin yoga and is and avid fitness enthusiast.


Kodaikanal is a special place where the instructors have spent the most wonderful times of their childhood trekking, cycling, bison watching, playing golf, tennis and badminton. It's not just another hill station, the instructors also own a house here, had their wedding here and have eventually set up 1ON1 Fitness holidays/ Boot Camp. As you can see they love the place and would like to invite you to enjoy and share the joy they get from it.

It is a paradise for people who love nature and fitness. More so when you see it with their eyes you are sure to be spell bound. The mountains provide the best on and off road experiences which facilitates better muscle utilization and a good mix for a great cardio vascular workout. There are waterfalls, stunning views and trails to be explored and to be seen. Nothing on this earth can beat a spectacular view earned after a long run, trek or a mountain bike ride.

Vested in the Palani hills, Kodaikanal is in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. It is situated at an altitude of about 2,133-meters high and covers an area of 21.45-square kilometers. It is quiet and peaceful all through the day, with a few people around as against the hustle and bustle of the city. The phone network is fragmented which works to advantage, as there are fewer incoming calls and more peace of mind. Initially guests do miss their phones ringing, social interaction, coffee shops but then after a week of settling in they realize the benefits of being disconnected.



  • Boating
  • Cooking classes
  • Cycling
  • Golf course
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountain walking
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis court


  • In-room safe
  • Terrace


  • Currency exchange
  • Ironing / ironing board
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Room cleaning


Healthy and Balanced Food is one of the most important aspect of the regime, as we all know that as much as 80% of your results will be a reflection of the food you consume. Whether your goal is to lose weight/fat or to gain muscle, all fingers point in one direction - the right fuel.

At 1 ON1 Fitness Holiday/Boot Camp you will be well fed, so don't be alarmed - they will not starve you but give you the right balance of vegetarian nutrition. The food they serve is clean, hygienic and most importantly, well balanced.

They will not be serving non-vegetarian (eggs only); therefore the additional protein requirement will need to be supplemented. The composition of your meals here will approximately be 40% carbohydrate, 40% protein, and 20% fat (will vary according to metabolic typing).

You will be served a mix of the macro nutrients which will include fruits, cereal, oats, vegetables, nuts, greens, grains and pulses. Dairy products will be kept to a minimum. A calculated portion of food will be given to you every 3 hours so your hunger pangs are down and you don't feel like bingeing.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

Free time here could be used to write your dream book, to paint beautiful landscapes, catch up on all your favourite books or just use your camera and capture nature and its beauty all day long. The location is perfect for golfers; it is a stone's throw away from Kodaikanal Golf Club.

Having 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/ Boot Camp in Kodaikanal makes it an ideal setting to be disciplined, eat right, train right and rest.

You can for example, customize your fitness package to 2 hours of training, eating right and enjoying the rest of the day on the 100 acre course. Here, you can create your dream fitness holiday, 1ON1 Fitness Holidays would love to make it come true in every way they can.

What's included

  • 6 meals/snacks a day
  • 29 nights accommodation
  • Daily cardio vascular activities (trekking , running ,cycling)
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Mountain Bikes for your complete holiday
  • Use of the residential gym

What's not included

  • Heart rate monitors
  • Laundry
  • Sports if you want to play on a daily basis
  • Supplements and vitamins

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

The nearest airports are Madurai (120 km), Coimbatore (170 km) and Trichy (195 km).

You may fly to the nearest airports at Madurai or Coimbatore.

From Madurai you may take a 2 and half hours taxi ride or a 4 hours taxi ride from Coimbatore Airport.

Arrival by bus

Regular bus services are available to and from Kodaikanal to Madurai, Palani, Kodai Road, Theni, Dindigul, Thiruchirappalli, Kumuli, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Arrival by train

The nearest railway station is Kodai Road, which is about 80 km away from Kodaikanal. Coimbatore Junction is the major rail-head which is well connected to all cities in India.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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