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1ON1 Fitness Holidays is a home stay where you can be disciplined, get fit and eat right.

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It was a home away from home. Prahalladh is one the best trainers you can workout under. He had a huge role to play in changing my thoughts towards fitness and diet. It is very difficult for you achieve your target goal in a short period unless it is something small, It is more of a learning process. My yoga classes with Kushi was something i look forward too and my flexibility got better each day. I also got to meet two amazing people Disha and Noel, we used have long chats on the dining table and laugh our hearts out. Thank you Kushi and Prahalladh for educating me and also changing my life.

Noel D

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The goal in mind was to loose maximum weight. I was under the impression before I reached the boot camp. But I realized from my Trainer that weight loss is just a by product. The goal is to get fit and stay healthy by exercise and the right choice of food. You will automatically loose weight. I even learnt YOGA which helped me to be at peace with my self and think of things through a different perspective all together I started sleeping for a longer period of time and by the end I was able to get a good sleep from 2 hours to a complete 8 hours!

Everything in the camp is timed and calculated and there is a deep reasoning behind it all which has been researched in time.

My goal and way of thinking changed completely when I finished one month and I had a whole lot of to take back with me. Thank you Khushi and Pralhad a wonderful fun loving couple who really dedicate their best towards you and your Goal towards Good health and Inner Peace!


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Joining 30 days program was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. This changed my lifestyle entirely. I achieved: Lost about 13 kg in 3 months (5 kg during the 1 month program) Lost 11% body fat in 3 months. Still losing. Became health conscious. I watch what I eat and I eat proper food. Physically fit. I feel great about the way I look now. Daily exercise has become my habit. I used to have stomach issues, but no more after beginning to eat proper food. I quit smoking because I became health conscious

I used to be a big foodie and exercise was never a habit. But now, I am so happy about my lifestyle, I go to the gym daily and I am very fit now. I used to weigh 85 kg and now I am currently 71 kg; lost about 9 kg of body fat. I am now building body mass and muscle.

The program: This is a holistic program. It is not just about losing weight; it's about your overall health. The combination of morning cardio, yoga at noon and training in the evening really changed the way I live. Running around the lake, down hill and uphill was awesome. Yoga in the landscaped outdoor overlooking the valley. Training in the well equipped gym. The people: The trainers, Prahllad (training) and Kushi (yoga) are the best people I have come across. They are so hospitable and very friendly. I enjoyed every minute I spent with them. They are the great in what they teach. Really enjoyed their company and what they taught me.

The place: You won't get a better location. My room was over looking a valley and very quite and peaceful. Very clean, beautiful and aesthetically designed rooms and bathrooms. Can't ask for more.

The food: yum! I was surprised to know even healthy food can be so tasty (some photos attached). You get a calorie counted meal made just for you to meet your goals. Loved every meal they made. We write our journal every day to watch what we eat everyday and this really helped after the program. I was introduced to myfitnesspal app that helps you to keep track of your food intake daily.

Best program, best people, best place, best food and best results. I am looking forward to join their advanced program soon.

Rishabsahu India

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So before I attended the camp , I was weighing 91 kilos,Absolutely demotivated to workout and had a very bad lifestyle .

Training - The training are very scientifically monitored. We trained twice a day. Mornings,we did Interval training and evening we did weight training alternated by cross-fit training . Interval training helped me in slowly and steadily getting into the groove of running . I struggled with 2 km on the first day and would eventually run 7-8 km at the end of the camp . Weight training helped in getting leaner and stronger . Cross-fit -Would really push the heart rate, would lose a lot of calories during the sessions and improve agility

Yoga - We did yoga everyday for an hour.With all the running and training we did , yoga helped in releasing the stiffness , relaxing and improving the flexibility

Food - We had fixed timing of eating our meals. We maintained a food journal which helped us understand what we were consuming. We discussed a lot of food eating habits , which probably educated me a lot on how and what to eat . We were trained to eat healthy and at the right times .

Stay - It's a beautiful house , absolutely well kept . The rooms are comfortable , very good hygiene levels . A great view from the house looking down the hill .

Prahllad - When you know your trainer is good , you know you are the right place.He really knows his thing and trains you with conviction and passion . He's got a great sense of humour which makes training and living with him great fun .

Khushi - She taught us yoga. It was a session we looked forward to.She s got great amount of positive and endless energy.She also takes care of the food . Which is absolutely delightful.She makes healthy food look so good and delicious.

Prahlad and Khushi are a lovely couple and together as a team they do a good job, they make you feel at home.Absolutely encouraging and motivating at all times .

End Result - I lost 4 kilos at the camp and another 2 kilos post the trip in 10 days.It really disciplined me and created a lifestyle change.I finished the camp feeling absolutely content,positive, relaxed and feeling the goodness of life. I already miss the camp and look forward to being there soon again.

Nam702 India

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So I left 1on1 fitness holidays in January 2016 with outstanding results by losing 7 kg of body fat in 30 days.You can check my other review of my experience there .But what about life after that ? Are you curious ? Wonder no more!

I got in touch with Prahllad and Khushi as soon as I left Kodaikanal and opted for their online program for 3 months! In the online program they are in constant touch with you ! Giving you diet plans,exercise routines , yoga routine , yoga videos ,exercise videos,etc and making sure this healthy lifestyle is incorporated in your blood

Prahllad kept in constant touch with me through this period of 3 months guiding me through my weight loss and fitness journey and solved each an every queries and gave me motivation

The best part is you already know that their program will work after you've seen amazing results in the boot camp! That boosts the confidence and motivation levels

Finally , my results of online program (3 months)

Weight loss - 13 kg

Fat loss - 11 kg

Total fat loss in 4 months (boot camp+online program) - 17 kg

This program will not last for 30 days or 3 months, it will last your entire life ! It's a lifestyle change!

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